7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

According to Statista, it says that 61.6% of the world population owns a mobile phone. In particular, driven by smart features and capabilities, smartphones or androids are increasingly using by the global population.
A mobile app can be used on devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.
In this digital world or competitive business environment, it is important for every business to attract their customers.
Irrespective of type of industry, every business should provide a mobility solution to its customers to sell their products or to bring awareness on their services that are offered.
mobile_app_benefitsMaybe you might be thinking your business does not require a mobile app. Let me tell you something, you may not need a mobile app now, but, to experience massive profits in this digital era, you must need a mobile app.
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Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a mobile app. Let’s start.

1. Brand Recognition and Expansion

Mobile apps help to improve brand awareness quickly. You might be thinking how to create a brand recognition using mobile apps?
When a user downloads your app, it means they are expecting something impressive. Rather than giving the information on your website, experience them with more valuable services they need and looking for.
On the other hand, every business wants to be number one in their respective sectors. Having a mobile app for your business helps in exposing your business in the market.
As a person using smart mobile phones spends most of their time on using intelligent mobile apps, so, if you provide a mobile app solution to your esteemed customers, you can retain in the market for long-run.
Hence, a mobile app expands your brand awareness which helps in increasing profitability.

2. Connect better with customers

When you engage your customers properly, then you would have maintain high customer retention rate. Do you agree with this?
Mobile apps that offer customer-centric services or products will play an increased number of user attention. As a result, the continuous engagement of customers with business enhances growth. Having a mobile app, helps the customers to reach you at any time and builds loyalty.
You can create a brand loyalty program within your app, which helps in achieving greater deals. For instance, promotions, ads which are displayed in a mobile app have greater impact than social media ads and banners.

3. Direct marketing

Good marketing is required to get massive benefits to a business. Technology has been growing continuously, making us forget all the old marketing trends. Now, you do not need a salesman to deal with your customers to get aware of your business.
Now, a mobile app can do marketing for your business.
Discount and promotional offers can be notified to on the smartphones, helping in drawing the attention of the customers.
Having a mobile app helps customers in increasing awareness about the offers. Customers shows more attention to the business during the offer time.

4. Increased Accessibility

A Mobile app helps the business in reaching their clients easily. It’s impossible to reach each customer manually and let them know the services that are offering.
The number of people who are using smartphones are tremendously high. This helps in increasing the accessibility of the business with the customers.

5. Better Customer service

The important point to be considered in any business is customer satisfaction. Mobile app have taken the customer service to another level.
Online assistance helps in clearing the doubts of a customer. As a result, the customer satisfies with the prompt response making them choose the same service over and over.

6. Increase in profits

The ultimate goal of every business is to make profits. The percentage of sales with a mobile app and without a mobile app varies. Mobile app is one of a way to increase the profits of a business.
The Mobile app and a website both have their advantages on a business. A website gives all the required information about the business. Whereas, a mobile app turns customers in to leads.
Advantages of having a mobile app rather than the business website

  • Easy approach for the customers
  • Improves the sale of a business
  • Notifies customers from time to time
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Increase in diversity
  • Boosts brand recognition

7. Track Sales Data (For Businesses)

You can track the sales of your business from time to time. Using apps, businesses can track which product has more demand and the amount of time a user spending on the app. Based on the data, new marketing strategies will be done to improve more sales. It helps in analysing the future market trends related to products or services or customers.

Mobile app growth

Mobile apps have made life of an individual easy, happiest and healthy. Before making a mobile app productive into the market it has to be tested thoroughly to reduce the risk of further troubles. As per stats, 71% of users uninstalls mobile apps as they are not suitable to meet their requirements.
The following are some of the stats for Mobile app growth

  • According to the market reports, it is estimated that global app store consumer spending will increase 92% by 2022.
  • By 2022, 258 billion mobile app downloads per year are expected
  • The number of mobile users will reach approximately 7 billion by the end of 2021
  • Usage of mobile apps is estimated to increase by 57% in the next three years
  • There is a 75% increase in banking and tech app downloads in the future
  • Mobile apps have become to have a boon for gaming industries. It is expected to occupy 57% of the market share in 2020.

If you think relying only on the mobile app makes improvements in your business, then you are mistaken. Mobile apps help to secure your brand position in the market. Further, implementation of innovative strategies, adopting market trends, and analysing customers need will all help you remain competitive in the market.


I hope that this blog will be useful for those businesses who want to invest in the development of mobile apps.
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  • Great post thanks for sharing this post with us all. It’s nice to see that you’re enlightening your audience in such amazing way. As we all know every successful business company have got a mobile app but we fail to get one for ourselves because of the doubts fears or wrong investment. But your post clearly lists the importance and compels to get an app designed for one’s very own personal business. Nice work and keep motivating us with such stuff.

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