How To Make AI Voice Assistant App?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal voice assistants for android have a wide scope in this digital world. Now, we have many virtual voice assistant applications like Bixby, Siri, Cortana, and Ok Google. These advanced voice assistants are making our lives more luxurious and simple. Undoubtedly, these AI-powered virtual apps will occupy many parts of our lives in the future.

We are aware that 99.9% of android mobiles support AI virtual voice assistant apps. Personal assistant apps for android have been popularizing day over day. It’s a hot topic among tech leaders.

Initially, Siri is the best voice assistant app for android. As technology is advancing, there are plenty of alternatives to Siri that have flooding in the market.  The ultimate goal of all voice assistants is to make your life simpler.


  • Top 6 Artificial intelligence apps for android.
  • What technologies used to develop a voice assistant app?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Cortana?
  • Enterprise-level benefits of using voice assistants
  • Top 5 predictions for the future of AI-based voice assistants

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1. Best 7 AI Virtual Assistant Apps for Android

Here the list of a few best AI apps for android. Let’s have a look into it.

#1.1 Google Assistant

Is there something an android assistant app like Siri?

Yes, we have Siri like assistant app for android.

As demand for Siri type apps is increasing, mobile app development companies are focusing on delivering virtual assistants that hit Siri capabilities.

Google Assistant is the best Siri alternative for android. Google voice assistant app for android is released in May 2016. It has a plethora of smart features and offers great compatibility with smart lights. Thus, Google assistant is now the best Siri like virtual assistant app for android users

Google Assistant recognizes and understands voice commands. You can simply activate the smart personal assistant with the “OK, Google” voice command.

The best thing is, the latest version of the Google Assistant app seamlessly works with iOS/iPhone. It works with Siri. With the “Hey Siri, OK Google” voice command, smart Siri activates your Google assistant.

Thanks to AI technology.

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#1.2 Cortana

Cortana is the best personal virtual assistant app. This android Cortana app records your important data like videos, images, and many more. It syncs your smartphone and PC. You can track your important files from your smart device.

It also helps to get information about your favorite TV shows, sports, and more on your smartphone.

#1.3 Robin Personal Assistant

Robin is an AI personal voice assistance app. This app is a well-known AI app for iOS and Android users. It allows users to send SMS without touching the phone and send it through voice.

You can also get GPS navigation, set reminders by this Robin app. According to the requirements of the users, this AI-driven app updates itself.

#1.4 Hound

It is the best AI-powered mobile voice assistant app, and this android app is something like Siri. It includes all standard functionalities of maximum voice assistants and provides improved intelligent services. Like Siri virtual assistant, this voice assistant application helps android users in booking hotel rooms, searching for music, playing some interactive mobile games, etc.

#1.5 FaceApp

FaceApp is an ideal AI-driven app for Android and iOS. It is proficient in changing complete looks like a smile, hairstyle, and many other features on the face.

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#1.6 Dragon Mobile Assistant

It is one of the best voice command apps for android users. This intelligent personal voice assistant for android understands your queries related to stock and responds with the best stock quote and its past data. Dragon mobile assistant app operates even if the screen is locked. It helps you to customize your mobile device to your voice.

#1.7 Jarvis

Jarvis is one of the best virtual assistants for Android users. It provides updates on weather status, news, calls, and SMS text. Accordingly, this artificial intelligence-powered personal phone assistant app helps you in doing your tasks like Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, set alarms, sends notifications and plays your favorite music, and so on.

Know more about Artificial Intelligence apps that you can download from Google Play Store.

2. Best Technologies To Develop An Android Voice Assistant App?

The below are the few major intelligent technologies used to develop voice assistant apps for 2021.

• Voice/ Speech to Text (STT)

Voice assistant means that it takes the assistance of your voice to offer excellent performance.  This STT technology plays a vital role in converting your voice commands to text. Later, it processes text using Sphinx (speech recognition library) and CMU.

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• Text to Speech (TTS)

It takes the text or images and converts them into human understandable speech. This AI-technology is perfect when you want to know the exact pronunciation of a word.

• Intelligent Tagging and Decision Making

This technology makes it easier for the voice assistants to understand the user request. For instance, if you give a voice command for the latest Bollywood songs, the system provides a list of beautiful songs.

• Image Recognition

It is one of the necessary technologies to add significant features to a voice assistant app. This intelligent android app technology can identify people, places, and objects using AI and machine learning algorithms. In-built algorithms can efficiently recognize images using a camera system.

• Noise Control

This technology reduces the background noise and lets you recognize the correct voice. If you wish to develop the best own AI personal assistant apps for android or iPhone, this feature offers a more personalized experience to the users.

• Voice Biometrics

While creating your voice assistant, voice biometrics adds a security feature to your app. This technology identifies the voice and analyzes whether it is authorized to the system or not.

• Speech Compression

This technology helps the users to compress the voice information and briefly send it to the server. Without any delay, it fastens the performance of your voice assistant application. You can apply the G.711 standard to apply this feature.

• Voice Interface

When the user listens and replies to the request, the voice interface comes into the picture. As a developer, you have to set the speech rate and way of speaking, etc. For the visual part, you have to choose the data visual representation that the user is supposed to see on the screen.


3. How much it cost to develop a voice assistant app for android?

Honestly, no one can estimate the final cost to develop a voice assistant apps for android. It depends on the features it has.

USM has immense experience in delivering the most advanced android AI virtual applications. We quote every app with reasonable pricing.

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Now, we will have a look into how voice assistants benefit businesses.

4. What are the business benefits of voice assistants?

The voice assistants are not only good at meeting your personal needs. The next-gen AI-enabled voice technology meets the desired needs of an enterprise as well.

We found that the usage rate of talking assistant apps like Siri for Android and iOS is moving forward rapidly. It was proved that over 80% of businesses are gaining competitive advantages by integrating voice assistants into their operations.

The below are a few of the key benefits of deploying AI voice assistant for your business.


  • Enhances consumer personalization
  • Augment human talent
  • Improves marketing efficiency
  • Provide improved insights to the marketing team
  • Improves product sales
  • Offers efficient problem-solving abilities

These benefits are attracting businesses to make their investment in popular voice technology. Apart from the above-listed benefits, integrating voice assistants help enterprises to maintain streamlined operations.

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5. The future scope of AI-based voice assistants

The biggest tech brands such as amazon and google are fueling their business using voice assistants. These are not only permitted to tech industries, other sectors like healthcare, banking, and retailers are also benefiting by integrating these digital voice assistants into their businesses.

What researchers are forecasting about voice command assistants future?

#5.1 Modernized conversations

Developers are focusing on delivering customer-centric assistants that offer modernized conversations. Voice assistants are more advanced than earlier. For instance, Alexa and Google voice apps woke up when the user calls them with a name or command.

#5.2 Personalized individual Experience

The digital personal voice assistant apps using AI offer more personalized services. For instance, Google Home, a personal voice assistant can differentiate individual voices in a family. It supports up to six unique voices.

#5.3 Search Behaviors of Users

Modern voice assistants save a lot of time spend in typing text to start our search.

#5.4 Touch Interaction

The integration of voice and visual capabilities will provide a seamless experience to the users. It allows users to get more interacted with digital assistants.

#5.5 Security

Smartphone users have a major fear regarding the privacy and security of innovative voice assistant apps. Moreover, voice payments will be going to expand aggressively in the future. So, companies need to be more focused on providing more secure platforms for users.


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  • The article on this vlog is very helpful to know about the voice assistant apps for android devices. Among these all apps Google Assistant is the best app because it has lots of features than the other apps.

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