15 Intelligent Technology Trends to Focus on 2021

Businesses will enjoy fruitful results with deploying future technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, and so on. These technologies will change the world of businesses in multiple ways.

Most of us well aware of Amazon Alexa. Its inbuilt voice recognition technology makes Alexa understand human spoken words and respond accordingly. Thanks to such innovative technology.

You might have a question in mind that why I’m talking about Alexa now? How it’s related to the blog title (which I gave)?

Yes, Alexa is the best innovation developed using next-gen technologies. Herein, I would like to brief out a few trends that show the power of AI, ML, and other technologies. We have captured 10 top technology trends of augmented and virtual reality and AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword and a modern technology in every business. It mimics human intelligence and empowers machines to perform typical tasks in a faster and smarter way.

This new advanced technology will change the future of businesses. It brings automation in every industry with the help of ML, deep learning, NLP, speech recognition, and many other platforms.

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Top 8 real-world AI Applications

#1 . AI in Marketing


Artificial Intelligence real-time applications in Marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to attract the flow of customers. The process is pretty good in marketing business products and services digitally.  AI technology is becoming smarter every day.

Using AI, ML, and predictive analytics, digital marketers can easily predict consumer market trends. Based on the customer purchasing behavior and searching patterns, a business can make strategic business decisions to reach targeted sales.

 Get more information on how AI is useful for digital marketers

 #2. AI in Banking Industry


Artificial Intelligent Applications in Banking 


Usage of emerging Artificial intelligence technology in banking and finance is gradually increasing. AI-enabled smart banking apps are gaining more popularity across the customer base. AI-based chatbots and AI-powered systems provide customer support and even detect frauds respectively.


We have done extensive research and gathered useful information related to AI in the banking and finance sectors. The articles below might help you to have a clear idea about what AI can do for bankers.

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 What do we do for banking and finance clients?

#3. AI in Manufacturing:  Applications of Artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry

AI has transformed the manufacturing industry. AI offers automation in manufacturing processes, optimized operations, and improved productivity.


USM is specialized in delivering the best artificial intelligence services and solutions to global manufacturers.

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#4. AI in Healthcare

Applications of AI in Healthcare

 The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is increasing rapidly. From disease detection and treatment to robot surgery and drug discovery, AI has spanned its wings across the healthcare sector.


USM has a real-time AI-powered appointment booking solution that erases difficulty in booking your appointment.

We have also published few blogs on AI in the healthcare sector. Take a look at them for an understanding of the use and impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

#5. AI in Retail: Use cases of AI in the retail sector

AI applications for retailers are huge. AI-enabled solutions ensure in-store assistance, price predictions, inventory management, and many more.

USM is specialized in providing AI-based mobility solutions for retail customers. Our customer-friendly AI-solutions enhance your customer’s in-store experience. We deliver innovative AI mobile apps that connect your customers to stores at their home convenience.

We recommend going through industry oriented-blogs on artificial intelligence in the retail sector gives added information.


#6. AI In E-commerce: AI applications in E-commerce

 Online shopping is most trendy nowadays. Smartphones and androids offer great support with a plethora of shopping apps. With simple clicks, you can get your products at your doorstep. Thanks to technological advancements.

AI-powered e-commerce apps and smart customer support chatbots make online shopping easy. It’s all because of Artificial intelligence, ML, and other technologies.

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#7. AI in Education: Artificial intelligence applications in the education sector

Artificial intelligence in education helps educators to provide the best virtual learning services to learners.

USM delivered the best and most advanced e-learning app for BYJU’s. If you are looking for an app like BYJU’s, we help you out.  Let’s talk today.

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Top 10 latest AI trends

  • Over 80% of advanced technologies will work with Artificial intelligence
  • The use of AI chatbots and AI mobile apps increases customer personalization by 80%
  • 63% of global businesses adopt AI to reduce total operational costs
  • The facial recognition market will be expected to increase by 20%
  • Over 50% of individuals use AI-enabled voice assistants in the near term future

Over 39% of people own smart voice recognition systems in 2021

latest AI trends

  • AI leads to increase smart appliances cost by 52% by 2023
  • The digital voice assistants market value to triple to $80 billion by 2023
  • The smart assistant speaker market size will reach $30.4 billion by 2024
  • The future of digital marketing will be around AI technology in 2021


Let’s move on to how AR and VR benefit businesses.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

What is Augmented Reality technology?

Augmented Reality technology is used for augmenting sound, graphics, and video inputs using computer vision algorithms. Nowadays, it’s a hot topic in the development of new software developed for the academic, gaming, and entertainment industries.

What are the best real-world applications of AR technology?

  • Augmented reality apps also help to translate languages that you are not aware of.
  • AR applications help to provide better navigation to places
  • Augmented reality apps help the gaming industry to develop 3D games
  • The use cases of AR technology are incredible in the education sector. For instance, an app like Quiver engages students to learn with 3D figures.
  • Text, figures, and even textbook syllabus will be augmented with AR apps.
  • AR application for printing and advertising agencies helps to exhibit digital contents on top of publications.
  • AR apps help travelers in accessing information about places by just placing your smartphone camera to that object.

What is Virtual Reality (VR) Technology?

Virtual Reality or VR technology is used to create a virtual environment that completely replicates the real-world environment.

Top Applications of VR Technology

  • Virtual Reality in Education: VR technology helps to simulate the real-world environment of the training and education industries
  • Virtual Reality in Gaming: Virtual reality apps helps to develop a completely virtual environment for gaming industries
  • Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Telemedicine is one of the significant applications of VR. VR tools help physicians to monitor, examine patients from remote locations.
  • VR in Industrial design & architecture: Architects are using VR to build virtual computer models

Top 5 Trends of AR and VR technologies 2020

  • According to IDC Trackers, the estimated current market value of AR/VR technology will reach $1.6 billion.
  • Only in the USA, over 42.9 million and 68.7 million people have used VR and AR products during the year.
  • VR has a great scope in the gaming industry in the future.
  • Vibrant media says that the media industry will witness improved business results with AR.
  • Overall, the future of brands and marketers will be around virtual reality technology.


  • AI has enabled modernization in almost every industry in the world. It seems that AI plays a critical role in the healthcare industry. The future of augmented reality and virtual reality seems to be impressive. I am an online retail service provider, and the use of AI mob app services helped me to expand my retail services.

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