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What is Artificial Intelligence in Education Industry?

The education industry is in a race to catch up with the artificial intelligence trend. Most educational institutions such as elementary, higher, and professional learning environments are increasingly shifting to AI. The primary reason behind this transformation is to provide better services to learners.

AI-powered learning methods help educators to analyze the grasping power of students. It varies from student to student. Learners understand the concept at different rates. The learning and thinking abilities of each student are different.

Artificial intelligence is the best option to overcome all challenges in learning new things. AI technology in education makes your learning process efficient. It helps educators or mentors to provide better, informed, and personalized services to students.

Artificial intelligence-based education apps are playing a vital role in improving the way of learning and training processes. AI in education helps students access the course materials and listen to the subject demo sessions anytime from remote locations. Thanks to advanced AI technology. We can get everything at our fingertips.

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How is AI used in the education industry?

Applications of AI in education are plentiful. The technology is benefiting both educators and students as well.  There are numerous uses of AI for the education industry.  Especially, Byju’s like e-learning platforms are giving a competitive edge to the educational institutions. It is deployed AI e-learning apps for interacting with students and providing more personalized tutorials.

In this article, you can get brief information on significant AI applications for the education industry. I hope it’ll help educators and students as well.

The top 10 ways AI is changing the education industry-

#1 Personalized learning with AI

Hyper personalization in learning is achieved with AI

AI-based devices offer personalized learning services for every student. Using ML algorithms, AI-enabled education systems are customizing the learning materials based on their knowledge, experience, and learning mode.

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#2 The emergence of voice assistants

Digital voice assistants maybe your next tutor in the coming years. Modern educators are using voice assistants in offline environments. For instance, Alexa can get study resources without the need to open a personal computer. It supports students in a way how a teacher supports learning.


AI-based personal assistants in education have adaptive learning features that allow students to learn from anywhere at any time. Hence, with this application, the role of AI in education rushed a step forward.

Emergence of Voice Assistants

#3 Helps educators in performing efficient organizational tasks

Helps educators in performing efficient organizational tasks

In addition to training, instructors need to manage various organizational tasks. They need to handle multiple non-teaching tasks like grading exams, preparing assignments, study materials, and essay writing, attendance handling, parents meeting, and many more.

Now, AI systems can handle these tasks efficiently. The AI-enabled systems for the education industry offer excellent performance faster. It saves a lot of time for educators in doing non-teaching tasks that we listed above. This smart process would help educators spend much of their time clarifying student’s doubts and all.

The best example of AI in education is AI-powered education systems. They help higher education institutions in improving the quality of the admissions process. With the use of ML in education, educators manage admissions easier and faster.

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#4 Smart open content

Big textbooks are mostly no-where in this modern learning system. The textbook providers are focusing on providing smaller study guides to students for better reading.

Personalized learning and the availability of digital content are altering the processes that exist in the education sector. With the introduction of digital content, the demand for smart textbooks is gradually increasing. Smart content helps learners in getting paperless materials and more in-depth knowledge of the subject.

#5 Feedback and scoring system

The education industries are reaping the benefits of AI and ML technologies. Advanced feedback and scoring systems are two of the new inventions of AI. They will assist students and professionals in improving writing skills. Grammarly is the best example of AI and ML-based apps for improving writing skills.

#6 Smart test preparation applications

AI is helping developers to do innovations in the education industry. The technology is used to develop mobile and web-based study and test preparation applications such as Quizlet and Toppr app.

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#7 Smarter scheduling tools

Artificial intelligence in education is used to develop smart school scheduling tools for scheduling individual student timetables.

#8 Improving assessment

Using ML, an AI-based assessment process helps in many ways. It helps in faster grading, adaptive testing, and performance monitoring of students quickly with more accuracy.

#9 Professional learning

Adopting personalized intelligent learning strategies and learning platforms for educators helps in many ways. In the near-term future, these AI platforms will be adaptive by providing personalized recommendations.

#10 Smart building management software

AI-based smart building management software helps education institutions to maintain smart infrastructure, sensor lighting systems, and security.

How Can AI Help Students?

As we discussed in the above sessions, the role of AI in education is rapidly moving forward.  Yes, the role of artificial intelligence in education is a hot topic now. Though most of us not yet seen robots in the classroom, AI is steadily entering the education systems.

Besides, AI makes admin tasks simple and faster. Likewise, AI also makes students learn in a simple and friendly way. In this below session, we tried to compile a few most benefits of AI for students.

#1.       More access to each session

Students can get more personalized tutoring using AI mobile apps for education. With the help of AI apps, students can stay away from crowded classrooms. For students who feel embarrassed to ask questions while a lecture, AI apps fill this gap. Students can raise their doubts and give feedback to lectures through digitized AI apps.

 #2.       Individualized programs

Students can benefit from the individualized program. Artificial intelligence programs in education organize individual pace for each student. Based on education-level and maturity, AI gives ideal opportunities for students to learn new things.

#3.       Easy to understand study materials

Low-to medium grade students would feel tough to read study material with high-level content. Few students might not get the exact meaning of complex sentences. Artificial intelligence tools break hard-to-read sentences and make them simple for readability. This strategy of AI in education better engage students with study materials.

#4.       Students can give/receive feedback

Artificial intelligence in education helps students receive feedback based on their performance. Besides, AI in education would also help students give feedback related to learning issues to educators. Thus, AI is the best interface between educators and students.

What Companies Are Using AI For Education?

Here, I would like to brief out the best 5 companies that use AI for the education industry.

  1. Nuance

Location: Massachusetts, United States

How is Nuance utilizing AI in education?

The company has developed speech recognition software.  The intelligent software can recognize speech and write 160 words per minute. It is specially designed for students who unable to write notes while lecturing. Besides, the tool also helpful for the instructor to dictate their lectures without hassle.

USM has the most advanced AI application that supports video sharing and guides. So, instructors can send tutorial videos to students on demand.

  1. Knewton

Location: New York

How the company utilized artificial intelligence in education?

Knewton is using AI to deliver intelligent solutions for higher education. It launched an AI program-ALTA for higher education. This adaptive learning program provides exact coursework for students. The AI software for education also ideal for educators. It helps instructors to teach mathematics, chemistry, and other subjects based on educational level.

  1. Cognii

Location:  Massachusetts, USA

How Cognii utilized AI in education?

The Cognii has delivered the best virtual learning assistant for higher educational institutions. This AI virtual assistant for education offers customized support for every student in learning. Cognii is one of the best AI companies in the USA.

With over decades of experience in using AI, USM has a proven AI-solution that allows students to submit their queries on any topic.

  1. Querium

Location: Austin, Texas

How Querium is utilizing artificial intelligence for the education industry?

It is one of the best AI companies in Texas. The company using AI for providing customizable STEM lessons for college students. Querium’s AI provides insights into the learning capabilities of students. Thus, instructors can easily enhance the skills on which a student has more interest to learn.

We have an AI-powered performance tracking app. Our AI mobility solution for education lets parents track their child’s performance reports. We develop this kind of AI education apps for android and iOS.

  1. Century Tech

Location: London, England

How is it utilizing AI in education?

Century is one of the best AI companies in England. Its data analytics solution reduces the workloads of instructors. It digitally tracks student performance and gives personalized recommendations. This smart software for education also sends feedback to students on their performance.

These are the best AI companies that work on changing the education sector in the near term future.

Finally, we will have a short discussion on the scope of AI in education in the next two years.

The scope of AI in In education

The scope of AI in education is vast. There is no doubt the Artificial intelligence technology can make every country a leader in AI.

AI technologies like deep learning, NLP, and ML are enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Artificial intelligence in education builds a knowledge delivery platform. This trend is driving the demand for AI in the education industry.

The global education industry is expected to reach USD 3.68 billion by 2023, with a growth rate of over 48%. Of which, AI-powered mobility solutions for education will drive much growth in the future.


Thanks to artificial intelligence education. Students have the facility to learn from anywhere globally. It means a student might miss a classroom session if he was late. But, using AI in education, they can playback the session and grab the knowledge. So, students can learn at the convenience of home. As we discussed, AI provides excellent benefits to educators as well.


USM’s AI-powered education apps and services help educators provide quality education to learners and build brand image in the field.


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