AI In Transportation: Artificial Intelligence in the Transportation Industry

Just imagine the world without a transport facility! If you want to travel for long distances, how would you go?
And, if a leading manufacturing company has to transport goods to its customer locations, then how it will do that without a transport facility?
I think you understood the significance of the transportation industry. It’s a mandatory need for both individuals as well as businesses.
Do you believe or not history of the initiatives across the transportation industry have exploded in 1787 when steamboat has invented. Later in the 19th century with the invention of the bicycle, the industry moved to its next-level. After that motor car era had come in the 1890s, trains in the 19th century, and finally aircraft in 1903. Manufacturing of more vehicles that meet all human transportation needs based on market demand.
This was the major reason behind the advancements in this sector using innovative technologies. Automobile or vehicle manufacturers are focusing on spreading the wings of artificial intelligence across the sector to gain from the increasing demand.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the best technology supporting the transportation industry in many ways. It was a proven technology that transform the transportation sector tremendously. In addition to making our lives easier, AI technology helps to make all modes of human transportation system safer and more efficient.
With the introduction of AI in transportation, the industry has progressed in such a level that vehicles are moving without any assistance from humans. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence technology in transportation is helping the industry to enhance safety, reduce unexpected accidents, reduce traffic, carbon emission and also lower the complete financial expenses.
On businesses front, artificial intelligence in transportation helps to increase productivity, employee performance, more sales, and automated manufacturing processes, etc.
USM has immense experience and expertise in using artificial intelligence technology to deliver the best AI solutions and services to transportation /logistics clients.
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Very soon, AI technology in transport will bring huge revolutions, not only to the vehicles but also to the complete ecosystem. Let’s take some examples of AI use cases in transportation.

Top 6 AI use cases in transportation sector

Artificial intelligence use cases or applications in transportation let you know why the transportation business players are looking to invest in artificial intelligence technology. Here, we briefed out a few top use cases of artificial intelligence in the transportation industry. Let’s have a look into the below sections.

#1 AI for autonomous or self-driving vehicles

Will transportation become autonomous?
Japan has already launched its first version of autonomous vehicles in the country. Accordingly, the United States transportation & logistic industries are also holding the power of AI to spread self-driving trucks for reducing operational costs. Likewise, the global developed and developing markets are adopting AI in their transportation rapidly.
AI is playing a major role in the manufacture of self-driving vehicles. We all know that, in the biggest automobile manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, and so many vehicle manufacturers will introduce their model of driverless vehicles.
This is just a beginning, but we can’t imagine the market with the complete expansion of AI in the development of driverless cars.
Be ready to see a drastic change in transportation using artificial intelligence!

#2 Artificial intelligence: AI Application in traffic management

AI for traffic management is one of the best AI applications for the traffic management system. Artificial intelligence systems predict and reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety.
The AI-powered traffic management system provides greater flexibility to the driverless cars in the future. However, the integration of the IoT-enabled high-resolution cameras would also bring a big revolution in the sector.
Hence, AI, together with cloud and IoT, will completely reduce wait times at traffic signals and reduce the traffic over the roads.

#3 Reduce passenger wait times

Online booking of taxis is increasing rapidly. Using computer vision and Data Lake techniques, allows transport service providers to make the best data-driven decisions for reducing the waiting time of passengers who booked their service.

#4 Drone Taxis

Done taxis is one of the best innovative AI applications in transportation. Drone systems have already been expanded in delivery systems. The technology developments would also help to design and manufacture intelligent drone taxies soon. No wonder in it.

#5 Remote controlled cargo ships

Along with public transportation systems, for the past few years, cargo ships will also be controlled remotely using artificial intelligence capabilities Hence, Ai will drive the complete launch of autonomous cargo ships in the future.

#6 AI in trucking

Truck transport business is one of the field where the implementation of Ai is growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are improving freight efficiencies. As the market trends are predicting that AI technology and automation are the future of the transportation industry, self-driving trucks are more crazy innovation among others. Hence, AI and machine learning in transportation drive more fruitful business results to the service providers.

Transportation services industry growth or Stats with AI

AI has already had its grip on changing industrial processes. The technology improved the transportation sector in multiple ways.
Implementation of AI technology in transportation will give unbelievable results than expected. The craze towards autonomous vehicles, increasing concern towards safety and security, and focus on reducing operational costs, the demand and adoption of AI technology in transportation are growing increasingly.
According to the market reports, it is estimated that the AI transportation market will be valued at $3.5 billion by 2023. In particular, North America (US, Mexico, and Canada) region is anticipated to contribute more to the AI in the transportation market value. However, these transport industry statistics might change with the ever-growing demand for AI and other emerging technologies.

Artificial intelligence Opportunities Delivered to Transportation Sector

How has technology changed transportation?

#1 Enhanced logistics utilizing real-time and previous data

By seeing real-time and previous data regarding traffic, weather, waiting time, stop maintenance, etc., the system can plan the route smartly.

#2 Forecasting vehicle maintenance

The systems can forecasts vehicle maintenance with the help of smart dashboards and sensors. You can use telematics solutions to take care of the vehicles. It will give alerts and conditions of the track & vehicles to you so that you can save yourself from probable hazards.

#3 Supply chain optimization through data-driven software

With a small effort, you can maintain your workflow efficiently. You can strengthen your supply chain experts by utilizing smart tools experienced on big data to balance the demand and the supply, manage timings of the staff, and automate the customer service with the help of chatbots.

#4 Track planner with traffic expectation and real-time updates

While traffic congestions are inescapable, you can predict the traffic jams and accordingly adjust your path.

#5 Intelligent staff management

To advance the productivity and safety of drivers, intelligent driver behavior monitoring applications will be useful. Using data captured by the IoT sensors, you can manage your fleet through data-controlled dashboards for smart trucks, ships, and trains connectivity.
The revolution in the transportation industry is quite impressive. USM has been a leader in offering quality AI-based solutions and artificial intelligence services to customers across various industries.
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