Best 12 Mobile Web App Frameworks For 2020

With the growing number of Smartphone users worldwide, many entrepreneurs are focusing on mobile app development for their businesses. By acquiring a significant moment in the technical-savvy world, the mobile app development market has reached an unparalleled CAGR of 14.3%, and it will reach $ 100 billion by the end of the year 2022.
Thanks to the increasing market penetration of smart phones and access to various mobile app frameworks, gaining a target audience through a clear mobile app is no big deal now.
Businesses require a limited budget compatible mobile app, which aims to provide an excellent user experience with a few fingertips.
However, choosing the ideal mobile app development framework with the appropriate development strategy is very important, as it can genuinely break or make your applications overall business success.
Here is a list of the famous mobile frameworks for app development that can help you create a successful application and seamlessly implement your innovative business strategies:
12 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks
#1 Ionic 
Ionic is a free and open-source framework that gives cross-platform mobile app development. Every mobile application developer loves to use this amazing framework.
The major benefit of the Ionic Framework is that mobile app developers can several UI elements, such as list views, filters, forms, action sheets, navigation menus, and tab bars in their application design. It assists them to concentrate on creating applications as opposed to focus on UI components.
Using Ionic framework turns out to be increasingly reasonable if app developers are well aware of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. It helps iOS 7, Android 4.1 and all other latest variants of iOS, and Android.
Examples: Instant Pot, GE Transportation, Market Watch, Amtrak, and Sworkit.
#2 React Native 
One of the popular mobile framework for developing both Android and iOS applications is obviously React Native app framework. It is a free, cross-platform and open-source framework started by Face book, a leading social media platform.
It enables developers to create high-performance applications with faster deployment time and feasible price in shorter build cycles.
It will offer various platform-agnostic native elements that include text, views, images, and all mapped to the platforms native UI building block.
Examples: Facebook, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Instagram, and UberEats
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#3 Flutter
Launched by Google, Flutter framework is an open-source mobile application SDK that guarantees development process for an Android and iOS through a single code base. With the added benefit of developing new gadgets and altering current ones, this framework responsive mobile applications aid app developers to attract their target audience.
In addition, the utilization of a praiseworthy 2D graphics engine called ‘Skia’, this application software development kit allows the programmers to provide a truly-native feel.
Examples: Alibab, Google Ads, Cryptograph, and Reflectly
#4 Xamarin
Xamarin is a Microsoft’s open-source platform for creating a best mobile application by using a software framework, .net and programming language C#.
Xamarin has developed the .Net Dev platform with tools along with libraries to build an app for Windows, iOS, android, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, etc.
With Microsoft being the product, it has over 600,000 contributors and developers with good consumer support and comprehensive documentation. With a good local user interface, you can create locally while proving an incredible client experience.
Examples: UPS mobile app, Azure mobile app, Microsoft News App, Outback Steakhouse, and Alaska Airlines.
#5 PhoneGap
PhoneGap is also called as ‘Apache Cordova’ and is a flexible and open-source mobile application development framework. We can create mobile apps with html5 and CSS3, providing you the ability to access underlying hardware such as accelerometer, GPS and camera.
It uses Javascript to provide backend logic for mobile apps. As JavaScript is mainly used in programming, it is making competitive. This will enable to write a single application which is installed as a native application on multiple devices.
Adobe Systems powered PhoneGap but then handed over to Apache to maintain & keep it open-source.
The PhoneGap framework was powered by Adobe Systems, but was assigned to Apache to keep it as open source. This is a distribution from the system software called ‘Apache Cordova’.
Examples: Wikipedia, TripCase, Health Tap, Buildr, and Paylution
#6 Mobile Angular UI 
The unusual and magical combination of HTML5 app framework, Bootstrap, and AngularJS, the Mobile Angular UI framework is well known for streamlining the mobile application development process.
Aims to provide the best mobile experience for the customers, the built-in framework included many useful components such as sidebars, switches, overlays, and scrollable areas.
With Overthrow.js and FastClick.js being its main libraries, this framework is perfect for modern web and mobile apps.  Reach best app store that guide you and provide good information about developing real time project.
Examples: Hotelier News, Gunks, Zaobao Mobile Website, Guezz It, and iKeyBox
#7 Framework 7
Framework 7 is undoubtedly the best framework for mobile app development, which is fully-featured and suitable for Web, Android, and iOS development.
This mobile app development framework enables you to use various tools like CSS, Javascript, and HTML with a rich ecosystem of plug-in.
In terms of service, it will come with the very powerful support of React and Vue.js, which is really icing on the cake. Its open-source releases regularly with data updates.
Examples: Kidoverse, HICAPPS, Cyberbrain IT Services, Wappler, and Blokt
#8 jQuery Mobile
jQuery, a touch-based best mobile application framework that enables developers team to build more applications in short span with less code. It has a JavaScript library that consists of plugins like Content Slider, Pop-Up Boxes, Image Slider, etc.
Instead of writing specific apps for each OS or device, the jQuery Mobile website enables you to design a branded responsive application or website that works on most of the desktop, tablets, and mobile platforms. This mobile apps framework is also used in addition to PhoneGap for creating mobile apps with HTML5.
#9 Corona SDK 
Corona SDK is well known for developing cross-platform mobile applications in a short period. Mobile web app framework will empower organizations with high-performance apps depends on the Corona SDK solitary codebase.
Due to the simplicity and flexibility provided by Lua, this mobile web framework will work effectively with various platforms, including Ios, Nook, and Android.
For those who want to code at high speed without reducing the quality of their mobile application framework, Corona SDK is the best choice.
Examples: Designer, City Gunman, Taco Truck, Beasts Battle, 2 Zip Zap
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#10 Monaca
Monaca is an html5 app framework, which works with Cordova and Phonegap. Cloud-based IDE is the main feature of Monaca. This enables mobile developers to work in the browser directly, without any installation.
There is a CLI tool and desktop application to help to work disconnected. You can always link your advancement to the cloud. Another benefit of utilizing Monaca is its incorporation with the Onsen UI.
Onsen UI is a potent UI designing tool for developing mobile app. It supplies UI features and remote build stored in the cloud.
Monaca Debugger will bring great investigating experience. It consists of progressed Javascript troubleshooting to your Cordova apps, including steps in/out, profiler, and breakpoints.
Examples: Asics shoe finder, Hashtiv, Drive2Chat ScanIt, and SmartEat
#11 Appcelerator Titanium
Appcelerator is one of the ideal open-source frameworks that permit app developers to create native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, using a single Javascript codebase. It uses Alloy to make development faster.
This framework has UI components which are ready to use, allowing you to create great experiences for the end-users. However, Appcelerator does not come with HTML and CSS.
Developers can create custom APIs to use in your app with no error integration. As it was synced to the cloud, developers can access code from anywhere and anytime.
Examples: Blackbaud, Avis, Comerica, Family Dollar, and MIT
#12 Native Scripts
The name itself says that open-source NativeScript framework builds native mobile apps by using Javascript, TypeScript, Vue.js, or Angular. This native app framework is free of cost and is available with the Apache 2 license.
It enables developer’s team to develop native Android and iOS applications with the programming languages named ‘JavaScript’.
Most of the developers prefer this native script framework to build the best mobile application for multiple platforms within budget and timeline.
Final Words
All the afore-mentioned frameworks with wonderful features are truly making high-end application development process simpler and faster for developers. Undoubtedly, many application development frameworks will emerge in the coming years, but the above frameworks will be a priority for the team of developers.
I hope the above listed mobile application development frameworks help you in selecting a suitable framework for your app.
So, if you want to create an app using fewer resources and less time, please contact us.
We are well experienced in mobile applications development services.

  • Nice article. shearing in depth knowledge of latest mobile app development frameworks. this post is very useful for all tech enthusiastic specially for beginner level and those who want to know about how to develop an app. I always love to read this type of post. Please share some more post like that.

  • These all Framework are best in developing application but among all React Native is first choice for developers to create large application for the business sucess.

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