Best Facial Recognition Apps currently available on iOS and Android

The recent trend of Reface App went viral on social media and took people by storm, who said mobile app developers could not be the masters of marketing. Using this app, one can face swap the top-rated video clips. This trend is spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms. Every other person, even celebrities like Tanmay Bhat (Stand-up Comedian) took to their social media and shared their reface videos.
Other few face apps predict how you would look in your old age. You might wonder, how do they do this? Well, Faceapp is nothing but a face recognition app. This particular app and many other similar face recognition apps use a unique technology to make them work.  

What exactly is a Face Recognition App?

Face recognition software utilizes biometric technology, which basically works on a specific Deep Learning Algorithm. An individual’s facial features are identified by these algorithms, which then compares it with the pre-stored face print. The identification of the face is made by using still images from a distance or close or by using frames from the video. The quality and accuracy of the software define its overall effectiveness.  
The next question that surfaces are the application of this technology. Many organizations use face recognition apps, be it government or private. These organizations use this software for security, surveillance, attendance, data protection, marketing, registry, and various other purposes. 
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Working mechanism of Face recognition application

The working mechanism of such apps depends on the specific nodal points of a human face. Some apps and software are witnessed to identify as many as 80 nodal points of a face. Besides, technologies like thermal imaging, skin surface textual analysis, 3D face mapping, etc., clearly determine humans’ facial features. The shape of the cheekbones, length, or width of the nose, depth of the eye socket is easily carved out to create a digital image of an individual’s face and is stored as a faceprint data. This data is then resurfaced and compared every time you use the app for an image or video.
You can find many applications available on Google Play and Apple Store i.e., android and iOS that use facial recognition through deep learning technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and sometimes augmented reality (AR). Although these apps have found their application for added security, they are also a source of entertainment.
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Let us go through different face recognition app available:

Google Cloud Vision App

When cloud engines are compiled with face recognition platforms, they bring up a massive advantage. In case your application runs on Google cloud, it would become super easy to integrate Google cloud vision into your application. You can also train customer vision models through AutoML vision, which many programmers seek as an added benefit. It is capable of detecting multiple faces with all major attributes like emotions of the person.

IBM Watson Visual Recognition

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition is yet another powerful and useful application that can be primarily used in many computer vision applications. It is equipped with the power of accurately classifying the vision data and datasets through machine learning. It is also considered as a powerful tool for training the art of facial recognition and detection applications.

Microsoft Face API

Microsoft Face API is recognised as one of the top computer vision domains known for building cloud-centric intelligent applications. This application enables detection and comparison of similar faces and organizing them into different clusters. This powerful tool can recognize the previously tagged face, which can prove quite beneficial for security purposes. Also, it is capable of detecting more than one human face, which includes emotions.
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Amazon Rekognition

Powered by AWS cloud services, Amazon Rekognition is considered one of the giant players in the face recognition space. It provides user-friendly features relating to image or video processing. This app is capable of detecting various faces, activities in one given image. Also, this app is top-rated in terms of accurate facial analysis services. 


Blippar is primarily an augmented reality app initially developed to recognize everyday objects by a London-based augmented reality company. Augmented Reality advertisement for various brands was the sole purpose of the Blippar app. Also, this app came up with a special public figure facial recognition feature. This feature enables you to identify images of around 3.5 lakhs of celebrities. This app uses deep learning computer vision, another form of artificial technology. Simply by using your smartphone cameras, it can recognize real-world objects.
Hence, the following were some of the best facial recognition applications available in android and iOS platforms.

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