10 Inspiring Artificial Intelligence Success Stories from Big Brands

Every day, in our web blog page, I’ve been stating that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gaining important traction within the business, with companies increasingly using these modern technologies to enhance business operations and better tailor customer preferences.
Today, I would like to provide you some use cases of AI by giving major 15 brands as examples that adopted AI to improve their business operations and growth.
Before that, let’s look into the below AI statistics to know how beneficial brands can be in pleasing their customers.

  • 72% of business leaders believe that artificial intelligence technology is definitely a “business advantage”.
  • According to the reports of IDC, investing on AI based systems will reach $ 97.9 billion by 2023, which is almost triple the $ 37.5 billion spent in 2019.
  • According to report of tech giant ‘Capzemini’, 87% of the 950 companies are introduced limited use cases into their production by deploying AI pilots.
  • By the end of 2020, 57% of business buyers will rely on companies to find out what they want before asking them anything.

Keep reading to learn the
Success Stories of 10 Brands that have benefited from AI
#1 Amazon:
Undoubtedly, Amazon is the big brand that has adopted AI at first and highly benefited from this trending technology. Let me explain one of the best use cases of Artificial intelligence.
Amazon has launched a convenience store with the power of AI in Seattle, with an aim to avoid check out which is the least favorite shopping experience of everyone.  With ceiling-mounted cameras and sensors backed by AI, now Amazon can simply track every customer’s interaction with a product.
#2 Callaway:
Our artificial intelligence designs the Epic Flash Series driver in success stories. It uses AI technology to prolong drives and raise the speed of ball.
As per Golf Company, it usually takes 8-10 repetitions before the new driver’s face lands on the best ones. However, it claims to be able to analyze 10,000 repetitions through machine learning.
#3 Drift:
An organization that attains quality leads for a service or product using AI chatbots, ML, and NLP to help businesses schedule more meetings, make the sales process more effective, and help customers with queries. Technology is good at automating marketing tasks that are traditionally time consuming.
For example, when a user is using Drift, Chatbot pops up will ask queries and promotes them automatically. In addition, the company’s “Drift Assistant” automates updating email replies, routing contact information and leads.
#4 Hanson Robotics:
Hanson Robotics has built humanoid robots with AI technology for the consumer and commercial markets.  Sophia, a Hanson robot communicates effectively with natural language and uses facial expressions to clearly convey emotions as same as humans.
Hanson also planning to launch a whole range of robots, such as Sofia, which “believe that media personalities in TV shows and movies have instant applications for recreational animatronics and university research and medical training applications in museums and theme parks”.
#5 KLM:
Using AI, KLM has implemented a Blueboat. Its purpose is to book tickets for customers, send confirmations, provide flight updates and answer queries of passengers. Without this amazing Blueboat, KLM would not be able to record over 1.7 million messages that have sent by around 500,000 passengers. Improving consumer satisfaction begins with being 24*7 available to answer queries.
#6 Nike
The world’s biggest brand, Nike has launched an AI system that enables customers itself to design their own sneakers in their online store. Not only it is a secret to improve sales, but also collects useful data about customers that ML algorithms can use to design future sneakers and provide personalized recommendations.
#7 PathAI:
The company’s ML algorithms help pathologists to analyze tissue samples and make effective diagnosis. Not only does it develop diagnostic accuracy, it also aims at better treatment. PathAI’s technology can also find appropriate clinical trial members.
PathAI has partnered with the Philips and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop plans for consistent access to high-volume diagnostic test support tools and their diagnostic services.
#8 Starbucks
Starbucks uses its mobile app and loyalty card to collect and analyze customers’ information that including, the place and time of product made and time, and sales. The firm uses Predictive Analytics to process this useful data to offer personalized messages to customers, including recommendations when they reach their local retail stores and with the goal of improving their average cost.
The virtual barista service in the AI-based application allows people to place orders directly through voice command in their mobile device. In addition to providing a more personalized customer experience, the company uses their data from over 90 million transactions each week to inform business decisions like what products they offer and as where to open new stores.
#9 Twiggle
Twiggle is using a search engine for e-commerce websites, using NLP technology to increase search product or image awareness for enterprises. A combination of in-depth human-like learning and deep understanding of the retail sector can help consumers connect to what they required.
Twigley claims that a website with two million viewers a month loses 266,600 consumers from bad searching. For those people who use its search, the firm has a 12% increase in click-through rate and a 9% raise in “Add to Cart”.
#10 Twitter:
World’s popular social media network, Twitter uses Artificial Intelligence to identify terrorist language and hate speech in tweets. As per reports, in the early 6 months of 2017 itself, the company found and banned over 300,000 terrorist-linked accounts, 95% of which were created by AI machines, bur not humans.
Bottom Line
I hope you enjoyed and inspired reading about the top 10 success stories of Artificial intelligence.
If you would like to experience the growth of your business, please do not hesitate to reach us.
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