Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development Industry?

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Yes, driven by the increasing usage of smartphones, there exist several mobile apps in the market. AI mobile apps are playing a vital part in human life. They are gaining more attention from customers with its flexible features. The users are looking at flexible advanced mobile apps that meet their requirements quickly and easily.
The mobile AI applications meet the needs of both individuals and service providers. Without mobile apps, no sector will gain profits. Innovative and intelligent mobile apps help retain customers for the long run in this current digital era.
Particularly, banks and finance companies are highly investing in mobile applications. This sector needs innovative mobile apps to engage their users confidentially. Mobiles apps also taps the needs of users in seconds. By just log-in to the app with banking credentials, the users can continue their search from any corner of the world.
Credit card/debit card details, transactions, and loan information, what else everything is possible using mobile apps. Every data is available on the fingertips. Every client request is processed and solved by banks through apps only. Thus, AI in the banking and finance industry is witnessing tremendous growth.
Accordingly, AI in e-commerce are also attracting customers with high-speed android apps. For instance, the online grocery stores through apps offering easy-to-choose products, notifying customers about special offers, discounts & new launches, and encrypted payment gateways.
Thus, mobile app development companies bringing their experience and skills together to introduce an advanced mobile app that includes the capabilities of next-generation cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence.

Is AI Offer Opportunities To Mobile App Developers?

The apps with something new features and benefits compared to the existing ones will quickly expand in the market. Integration of mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your apps might help you stand out from the crowd.
According to market estimates, the mobile app industry is gradually shifting to Artificial intelligence. To achieve marketing gains, AI is one of the best investment areas for all businesses now. In particular, driven by the increasing expansion of smartphones, mobile app development companies are investing heavily in designing apps that infused AI capabilities.
As consumers are preferring and installing mobile apps with intelligence features, the mobile app developers and service and solution providers are focusing on developing apps that improve user experience, engage them efficiently, and provide useful data for which they search.
Mobile applications of AI can analyze data and produce valuable insights to identify the behavioral patterns of every app user. AI mobile apps intellectual abilities that deliver significant domino effects without the need for human assistance.
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AI apps can adopt a new set of data and deliver continuous and valid results. This led AI to revolutionize in the industry and offering intensified market opportunities to the app developers. Thus, most of the mobile app developers investing in AI to engage with their customers confidentially.

Are Artificial intelligence-Driven Mobile Apps Getting Smarter?

Increased usage of smartphones has led to the expansion of AI in the industry. Smartphone users are spending much of their time on Apps. Thus, the companies are adopting artificial intelligence with the belief that it can ultimately manage their customers efficiently.
AI-infused mobile apps or smart mobile apps are currently gaining momentum in the industry and also from the customer perspective. AI technology is improving the experience of mobile app users since the recent past few years. The AI apps easily navigate and assist the users in completing the activities that they need.
On the other hand, as app technology is advancing, the expectations of users are also increasing. The users are expecting predictive mobile apps that meet every need of them.
According to Gartner, to meet the changing user’s preferences, by 2020, maximum technology giants to introduce the most advanced AI-based mobile apps. Starbucks and Taco Bell have already released their intuitive and interactive mobile apps using AI. These apps can analyze user’s purchase trends and thus improves sales. Hence, Starbucks and Taco Bell achieved customer retention, profits, and huge ROI too.
Now, we can image the competition level in the industry. If your mobile app is not updated with AI, then your customers may choose your competitor’s app. Before they opt for your competitor’s app, you attract them with next-generation, high-speed, intelligently build AI mobile applications.

The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are re-shaping the way businesses operate. Statistics reflect that mobile app downloads to reach 258 billion by 2022. No wonder, if this number exceeds!
So, businesses need to move forward with more innovations and developments to fulfill the increased customer demand for intelligent mobile apps. In particular, customers are showing more interest in downloading mobile apps that provide more personalization services to them.
We found five significant mobile app trends that you should know in 2020 to remain competitive in the market. These trends would help to boost their business operations by knowing the opportunities as well as challenges that the businesses and developers face in the future of the mobile app industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) enabled mobile apps increase personalization

Nowadays, smartphone users are looking to get more personalized mobile apps that meet their needs faster. So, the old app technologies need to be upgraded to deliver personalized mobile apps. This will be done by using AI and ML technologies in mobile app development.
AI and ML allow mobile applications to understand and analyze the user’s interest and perform necessary actions without being told to do so. This kind of artificial intelligence apps for iPhone and android helps to improve user personalization experience. Hence, the importance of AI in app development is extremely high.

2. Voice-enabled mobile apps will attract more user

Voice-based intelligent mobile apps are more in demand in the market. As technology is developing day-by-day, the development and launch of more advanced mobile apps are also growing in the market.
Though a full conversational virtual mobile assistants are not yet designed, few of the best AI-based mobile apps are grabbing user attention. They can understand the user-written content and spoken language and responding accordingly.

3. Rapid Developments of 5G Technology

The introduction and complete roll-out of 5G technology will not only offer high-speed internet services but will also give opportunities to mobile app developers as it creates a complete data-driven environment.
5G network technology ensures high-speed connectivity as well as the best smartphone experience. It takes very little time to respond to the user search request. Data collection, processing, and sharing every task will be completed 10 times faster than existing networks. Hence, mobile app developers should deliver apps that support the upcoming 5G network.

4. Cloud technology- based mobile apps will be in attention

Cloud technology was a proven record of its significance in the mobile app development industry. To store a vast amount of user data, developers are focusing on integrating cloud technology into mobile apps. It means that data stored in physical devices will be mounted on the cloud and can be retrieved as per the user requirement.
By mounting mobile apps data in the cloud, users can access the app features and use them without bothering about device storage space. Yeah, cloud-based mobile apps along with increasing productivity, they also make the development process faster and simple.

5. M-commerce Will Drive The Mobile App Development Industry

Intelligent mobile apps are allowing users to buy or sell things over the internet through their mobile devices. For instance, google wallet is one of the best apps that allows users to pay using mobile instead of using payment cards such as credit or debit cards. To develop this kind of app, mobile app developers need to integrate a secured payment gateway to the apps that can process every transaction.

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Well, Now, What About Your Mobile App?

Now, it’s time to engage your customers with AI and ML-based mobile apps. USM’s AI experts with forward-thinking abilities deliver next-level mobile apps by embedding AI capabilities with ML and deep learning techniques.
Who knows, the integration of your thoughts and our expertise may introduce one of the intelligent apps that keep you forefront in the competition. You’re only a click away from success! Connect USM to know how our Mobile apps help your business.

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