Why Organizations Looking For RPO Services?

The core reason was, RPO service providers have enough capability to attract talents using flexible recruitment solutions designed by experts. They cover a complete range of services from sourcing, selection to hiring and onboarding new hires across the client’s business areas.
Nowadays, multiple companies are choosing RPO services to reduce their burden in hiring the right candidates for the desired position.

What Exactly RPO Means?

RPO is nothing but contracting with an external staffing service provider to handle your organization’s recruitment functions. The service has witnessed tremendous growth since the past few years and stood as the most sought-after service in the HR industry today. From BFSI, IT, and retail to construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and business in diverse sectors are selecting RPO as the best option to hire the best talents quickly.
At USM, our talent acquisition team with best practices in screening, selecting and hiring the right people, meet your business requirements. Though, every company has an HR department why the demand for RPO solutions is increasing?
Have a look into the top five reasons behind RPO Services demand.

Key Benefits of RPO Services

#1 Huge Database and Digital Strategies

RPO service providers maintain a vast database with hundreds of candidate profiles. They also utilize advanced digital marketing tools to grab the attention of job seekers as much they can do. Thus, the RPO services providers enable the employer to fill the skill gap with the right people at the right time.
USM has over 20 years of experience in staffing and recruiting services. We have thousands of profiles and match the accurate profile for our client’s business needs.

#2 Cost and Time Savings

The RPO solutions help the employer save costs and time in hiring candidates. The RPO services providers’ look over the entire hiring process as listed out below:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Sourcing and Screening
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Interviewing
  • Candidate Management
  • Offer Negotiation
  • On-Boarding

#3 High Quality of Hires

RPO Services ensure skilled and experienced candidates on time. They are dedicated, invest their time and resources, and put 100% efforts on screening and hiring potential candidates for the companies.
At USM, we use AI and ML techniques to identify and analyze active job seekers from our vast database.
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#4 Minimum Time-to-Hire

Is your project reaching its deadline but was not yet fully developed due to the lack of adequate staff?
RPO solutions are best to overcome these challenges in productivity. RPO providers take minimum time to hire skilled people across your functional areas without sacrificing quality.
USM has decades of experience in providing RPO services to a wide range of companies across various industries. We have best practices in screening and hiring through an efficient interview process for both SMEs and MNCs.

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#5 Well Aware of Compliance Regulations

USM is well aware of applicable labor legislation. We maintain complete data records of candidates and map them at each stage of the recruitment procedure. We are compliant with the privacy laws in collecting, storing, and processing the candidates’ profiles.

How RPO Services Are Different From Traditional Recruitment?

RPO is the best and growing solution to businesses that are looking for permanent hires. The trend towards the demand for RPO services is rising in the market. In compared to traditional recruitment processes, the RPO services differ in many ways. In particular, it changes the way of hiring full-time or permanent employees.
An RPO service provider not only focuses on filling positions with specific skills but also highly focus on the company’s culture in selecting new hires.
Hence, strategically planned RPO solutions can efficiently manage the entire recruitment process and ensure the desired candidate profile for the organization.

What are the significant types of RPO services?

The potential RPO Services are majorly categorized into three types. They include:

#1 End-to-End RPO Services

End-to-end RPO services improve the quality of permanent hires. It focuses on providing costs saving services while maintaining the operational efficiency to lead employer satisfaction.

#2 Project-based RPO Services

This type of RPO service is used to hire experts based on project requirements. Thus, project-based RPO services help to fill unexpected staffing needs of a company.

#3 On-Demand RPO Services

It is quite similar to the project-based RPO services. It joins the recruiting team with your workforce to better understand business needs and hire the talent you required.


For many companies, RPO service is a boon to their business. RPO service benefits those companies who hire permanent staff on a regular basis. It ensures reduced costs and faster time on every hire. USM’s RPO Services exactly meets the permanent staffing requirements.

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