Is Artificial Intelligence A Game Changer In Education Industry?

Every industry is recognizing the power and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this digital age, AI applications, devices and tools are becoming a key part of businesses. AI-based applications can be used for many purposes. They help marketers, bankers, healthcare providers, retailers and many others in many ways. AI, like other sectors, is bringing tremendous benefits to the education industry.
In particular, online learning systems are evolving with AI. More personalized and appropriate learning avenues are attracting online learners. Not just for students, AI helps service providers to quickly expand their services in the market.
Many modern and high quality applications developed using AI completely change the way you learn. In addition, increased access to smart devices and PCs is expanding the scope of modernized learning.
In this paper, we cover how AI can be useful for the modern education industry. What are the major things that can be done using AI in the field of education? See the document!
#1 AI Automates Administrative Tasks
AI technology automates every administrative task. In general, teachers spend more time explaining homework, exams, and their students’ doubts. But, AI applications and tools fully automate this manual grading process.
Using AI, a lot of time of teachers and institutions will be saved. Thus, teachers can focus more on developing their students’ academic careers.
Driven by increasing demand for AI from education institutions, AI software developers are focusing on developing more efficient AI products that meet all grading needs of institutions. Therefore, advancements in AI technology offers an automated classification of written tests.
#2 AI Creates Smart Content
Traditional educational processes require the implementation of AI to provide students with critical academic success. In addition, smart content plays a key role in understanding the brand of modern education policies. For example, virtual video conferencing and video lectures help students to easily understand the subject / subject.
Textbook curriculam involve instruction, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create smart virtual content or customized textbooks. These digitized textbooks build new learning margins for all students of any grade.
In addition, digital practical papers, audio / video lectures and other learning aid programs take the education industry to the next level.

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#3 AI Offers Personalized Learning
Traditional classroom teaching may not focus on every student in the class. Teachers can focus on approximately 70% to 80% of students. The rest of the students have difficulty understanding this subject for some reason.
But, with the introduction of AI, instructors can provide personalized recommendations to every student. As AI technology digitizes classroom assignments and preparation tests, every student will get equal support from educators.
Giving fast response to student queries is significant in teaching. Smart AI-based apps incorporate the best communication channel between students and teachers. Using virtual lecturer’s assistance, the students can get a faster response from their teachers.
Another benefit of using AI in digital learning is that students can access classes based on their availability. Though deployment of AI in education is in the starting stage, smart teaching systems will soon evolve in the market rapidly to help students learn in many ways.
#4 AI Change the Role of Educators
Teachers play an important role in education. But, the introduction of AI systems is changing the role of faculty. AI machines do not eliminate the need for teachers, but it does discreetly support tutors in providing the best training for learners.
AI-based assistants are programmed to provide human-like teaching experience to the students. Also, these systems help to find information related to certain educational materials. Hence, the smart teaching sessions and subject materials allow teachers to provide the best hands-on experiences for students.
#5 AI helps to Eliminate Learning Boundaries
Artificial intelligence can help eliminate positive learning limitations. Innovative technologies like AI allow optimists to learn anything from anywhere in the world based on their availability.
Smart AI-based education systems empower students with basic IT skills. It is hoped that more courses will be available online. Students can access and learn their favorite course from around the world.
Based on the above factors, we can strongly state that AI applications and devices will change traditional learning methods. As discussed above, AI controls the entire education system. It helps to automate the grading process, improve learning processes and in many other ways.
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