How USM’s AI Solutions Benefit Your Business?

How We Do?

#1 Isolating business processes and concepts into hypotheses

Put an endpoint to your existing business processes by leveraging breakthrough the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).
We analyzing your current business needs to build efficient AI strategies. Our AI strategies create hypotheses list. Later, we move forward to prototyping best-in-class AI-powered applications to meet your business objectives.
USM’s AI applications and AI solutions help you to automate and drive every business task faster.

#2 Our Core AI Team Build Turnkey AI Designs

USM’s core AI team use the hypotheses list and analyzes various key parameters. Few of them include business values, KPIs, and the accuracy of the AI prototype.
Later, we focused on designing part. USM’s creative designer’s design a clear-cut wireframe that defines the complete app development process. Our UI/UX designers builds an interactive interface and made it easy to understand and use.

#3 Finally, We Deliver the Best AI-Powered Applications

Once we have done with the design, our developer’s creates functional code and integrates app features.
After conducting a thorough training & validation process, a validated and verified AI-Powered Mobile app is delivered to the client.

Our Capabilities

#1 Machine Learning (ML)

We enable enterprise software to detect patterns and behavior from a large set of data using ML techniques.
Our ML solutions help your data systems generate accurate results without explicitly programming the software using the refined ML algorithms.
We delivered ML solutions for online/e-commerce sites like Byju’s and Bigbasket. They gained increased ROI and customer satisfaction rate.

#2 Deep Learning

We design intelligent technology frameworks that function exactly like a human using deep learning algorithms.
We use multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to deliver deep learning solutions. These solutions help your data systems function and respond like humans. Thus, our solutions help you make quick business decisions.
In addition, we also develop speech and facial recognition models, automation systems, chatbots, and many more.

#3 Informal AI Platforms

We use advanced AI capabilities to create AI tools for businesses. These AI tools help our clients to respond their customers automatically without the human intervention.
By analyzing customer queries, previous logs, and other key parameters, our AI Chatbots provides a response service to your customers. The informal AI apps decrypt natural language and also can track customer feedback.

#4 Classification Tools

To assist business customers, we built custom classification tools using our AI frameworks. Our classifiers help business systems to better predict results by analyzing source patterns. These patterns are derived from unstructured data (like language, gender, age, demographics, and preferences).

#5 Sales Intelligence

Our AI-driven sales solutions help businesses to nurture existing customers and attract new one’s. Insights, expert suggestions, and accurate predictions are ensured with our AI services.
USM’s AI services improve inside sales business development. Our AI solutions for sales provide customer engagement and personalization.

#6 Predictive Analytics

USM’s predictive analytics solutions help you predict the future market trends. Using data, statistical algorithms, and ML techniques, our analytics solutions predicts the future market conditions. These insights can solve business risks and give new opportunities.

#7 Media and text analysis

We provide a range of video, image, and text analytics solutions. These solutions helped many companies in reducing cost and time. USM ensure that our solutions yields higher profit margins to your business.

#8 Custom Tools

Adoption of modern AI technology is expanding every day. Many companies are now observing profits using AI. We have been supporting companies to grow vertically using our custom AI solutions. Our team of AI engineers identifies the drawbacks in your business and make them efficient.

#9 Process Automation

With the rapid growth in AI technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is evolving to its next level. RPA automates and performs repetitive tasks efficiently.
Our expertise in work/process automation has helped several firms to generate higher profit margins.

USM’s Artificial Solutions

Every day, we spend a lot of time in doing all of regular admin tasks. But, imagine, if a business transforms its manual processes to automation, how much a company could grab profits.
Once imagine, how beneficial for an enterprise, if they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This AI-driven CRM tool saves time and reduces the need for manpower. CRM like tools helps your sales team to nurture existing leads efficiently.
The refined concepts like AI, ML, and automation tools are helping companies in taking best informed decisions. These decisions would help businesses move a step forward before their competitors reach.
It’s a fact that a company with conventional models is no longer to survive in this AI world. We are living in a world where AI is changing every business. Instead of replacing the company’s manpower, AI helps the workforce to intelligently perform operations. This allows your business to grow and remain competitive in the market.
USM is expanding to help global businesses in changing their current methods to AI.

“What You Waiting For, Make Your Business AI-powered and Increase Customer Attention”

USM Systems: Where We Stand

Artificial intelligence is our major focal area. We believe that AI surely drive innovation and success.
USM take every client requirement as a challenge to prove that we’re a leading AI service provider. We assist our clients with innovative AI apps that meet their business needs and boost sales.
Moreover, we help businesses leverage artificial intelligence in their existing paradigms. Our intelligent solutions and analytics methods let you do a profitable business. We ensure that USM’s next-level AI solutions help various sectors to drive their performance.

Get the best AI Service

Let us know your ideas. We support you in developing a dynamic CRM tool powered by AI conversation bots and integrated AI analytics tools. Our AI specialists develop smart applications that make your business smarter and faster.
With vast experience in developing AI solutions, we have been powered a wide range of companies across diversified industries. Few of key industries include:

  • E-commerce
  • IT and Cyber Security
  • Automobiles
  • Education
  • Telecom

Our Experienced Team Of Technologists Is Our Backbone

We have a team of AI strategists, ML algorithm experts, data scientists, technology consultants, and tech professionals. We work together to develop various AI models that integrate with the current technologies to make it more competitive tomorrow.
Our custom-built AI solutions helped technology startups, mid-sized enterprise, and MNC’s in making informed decisions. As a forward-thinker, we dedicated ourselves to building the AI tools and integrating the AI services that our client needs.

“You have smart ideas, and we have the business technology to bring them into reality. Get In Touch. You’ll Love Our AI Services!”

The Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to highly adopt by the industries in the 21st century. AI is gaining prominence in the recent past. It will continue to hold its significance in the long-term future.
In this digital era, every business has to adopt Artificial Intelligence. Yes, whether you provide retail services, banking services, financial services, telecom services, and e-commerce services, AI is a game-changer now. Smart AI applications empower your business.
Most companies have already infused AI into their information systems and realizing returns. The major advantages of AI-powered solutions are:

  • Flexible and agile business
  • Reduces cost overheads
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves Sales & Marketing by infusing AI into processes
  • Efficient customer management using Chatbot’s
  • Grabs customer satisfaction
  • Drive performance

Driven by the above benefits, the demand for AI apps on global-wide is growing rapidly.

“If you’re looking for a way to make your business future-proof, congrats: you’ve approached right partner”

Choose the best AI partner who delivers the best AI solutions and AI apps that automates every corner of your business in a more intelligent manner.
USM’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions help you gain from AI capabilities and make your ideas to come online. Automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies, and whatnot, we leverage the benefit of every intelligent technology to fuel our customer business with profits.

Our group of innovative AI professionals follow the below steps-

Strategy and Consulting: With a team of AI engineers, we build a AI strategy that suits your business.
Development: We have the most experienced AI app developers. They can empower your business.
Implementation: We ensure that our high-level technology solutions deliver maximum benefits and are bug-free.
Customization: We specialized in creating customized AI-based solutions. These solutions meet the unique requirements of your business. USM ensure that our AI services make your business perfect and smart.
Integration: USM maximize your ROI by integrating the advanced AI solutions into your existing business models. We optimize your work processes with AI technology. High quality and transparent AI services are guaranteed. Balancing cost and quality is our expertise.

Our Approach

At USM, we’ve always tried to be the number one AI app development company. We understand the AI trend in the market. Proven track record of developing AI and ML mobile apps is a growth factor to us.
Regardless of your industry, USM will work for your business success.

Have any questions about our artificial intelligence services contact USM today

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