How Much Does Artificial Intelligence Cost?

Today, the development of technology is rising at an exponential rate, bringing with it many possibilities and possibilities. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most buzzed words in companies in 2020 with a plethora of AI-based solutions that change business processes in several industries.
The benefits promised by Artificial Intelligence bring life-changing consequences. Time-consuming tasks in the past could be quickly completed with AI capabilities. With machine learning, AI continues to increase the accuracy and quality of outcomes. AI can develop efficient business models, test abstract models while reducing the cost of labor.
AI systems have already designed for several sectors in the economic world. These AI solutions have been used to streamline business processes, expand employee productivity, optimize communication channels, manage customer contacts, and remove wastage. The potential of AIs has encouraged large enterprises to consolidate their business to take advantage of these opportunities. On the other hand, small business owners have been stifled due to the expenses involved.
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Future of Artificial Intelligence

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AI technology is becoming widespread in our lives as many companies in different industries widely accept it. By providing creative insights and automating the daily routine works, every sector from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and retail is reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. E-commerce platforms leverage AI algorithms to simplify the buying process and personalize their offers based on customer behavior.
With such a wide range of use cases all sectors, it is no wonder that Artificial Intelligence has an increasingly expanding market. According to the market analysis reports of Scoop Junction, ‘the AI market across the globe will develop from 19.631 billion US dollars in 2017 to 176.547 billion US dollars in the year 2024.
If you are worried about how to make an artificial intelligence program and how much does artificial intelligence cost, be cool! You are on the right page.
The entire process of developing Artificial-Intelligence based solutions has various key features that determine the total cost.
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To know the Factors Affecting the Cost of AI Solution Development

  • Data Issues

AI-system development does not only depend on the coding skills of the trusted AI development team but also depends on the quality of data for training algorithm model, which plays a vital role in the sucess of project.
Because of this, a large amount of information is needed to detect hidden patterns between input data and output features. If businesses do not need enough data, it may be possible to obtain data from external services or collect more data that may take much time. Using data augmentation is also a better solution to raise the sample size.
However, it leads to the increasing cost of development. In addition, the data should be cleaned and stored in the appropriate warehouse to reduce the cost. Otherwise, we should take appropriate measures to clean up the data that can expand the cost of AI solution. It is easy to work with structured data, as the outcome is cheap. Therefore, before initiating the project, it is better to conduct a smart review on internal databases of clients to find its quantity and quality.
In many cases, companies also need to be accountable for dealing with errors, missing data, defects, outliers, etc. In fact, most organizations typically capture and manage highly structured data (ex: video, audio, communication such as social media posts, chats, etc.) and needed more complex and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to utilize this type of data. This kind of project usually costs more to develop AI solutions.

  • AI Algorithm’s Performance

Adequate algorithm performance is one of the major cost-effective factors because a high-quality algorithm requires a round of tuning sessions. This eventually raises the overall cost of the project.
The Algorithm’s performance rate varies according to the client’s business objective and the cost of incorrect AI predictions machines.
The mediator takes advantage of a system that generates 55% correct estimates because it already determines profitability. However, a 90.9% system planned at diagnosing a disease, treating false-positive patients is fatal, which is not satisfactory so far.
Many people got a doubt that why should we care about algorithm performance and data processing speed to understand how costs to develop an AI project?
The answer is quite simple: all AI applications rely on data and use it for the knowledge gaining process. So, it will take much time if the date is processed slowly.
The development cost of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may depend on various crucial factors that comprise the scope and size of the AI project. So, it is great to have an idea of the phases of the AI project.

Let us have a look at the following four essential phases


  1. i) Discovery and Analysis Phase

The phase aims to research the project requirements, goals and the feasibility of the project. In the initial stage, it is most important to both technology partners and customer companies to find whether Artificial Intelligence solution is required for your business.
This starts with conducting in-depth research on client’s operation processes, data assets, and business metrics as well as finding out exactly how an organization can address their key business issues using Artificial Intelligence.
If AI technology is required for your business, you can then develop a project by predicting the scope of work required for further process, i.e. prototype development. If all the necessary data, business metrics and client’s processes are in the proper format, this phase will just take 5 to 7 days.

  1. ii) Prototype Implementation and Evaluation Phase

A prototype is a method of creating a business model to examine the proof of concept and feasibility as well. This could be a limited, drawing or text-based mock-up or advanced code-based prototype. This form will depend on the project tools and complexity and tools (application simulation programs, screen generators, or design tools) used to develop it. Prototypes are shown to and discussed with the client.
It is completely based on project complexity and tools like application simulation programs, screen generators, design tools that used to develop it.
Prototyping is an awesome technique that enables IT professionals to validate design choices and requirements. Prototypes are cheap to produce, and easy to adjust. The prize and threats associated with software implementation are significantly reduced, as the requirements are discussed before the development process begins.
USM Business System is trying hard to make this phase as budget-friendly as possible for their clients.
iii) Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Based on the prototype results, we develop a real MVP product in this phase. MVP is based on the client’s data and exposes it to a small group of real customers as a simplified version of the end product solution. Feedback is very similar because at this stage, it is not that much expensive to revise the system than it was fully developed. Average MVP costs vary depending on project complexity and size.

  1. iv) Product Release

In the final stage, a product with predefined features is developed and then introduced into the market. Previous steps place a high emphasis on requirements validation and elimination. Therefore, the final product is made with fewer errors. The cost of this final phase is usually predicted in previous steps.

So, How Much Does AI Cost?

In today’s world, with the more availability of various frameworks and tools for developing Artificial Intelligence solutions, AI technologies are becoming more accessible to businesses.
A few years ago, only the multinational tech powerhouse companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon could afford their AI solutions for businesses. Now, most of the companies like USM Business Systems can leverage the power of machine learning technology at a very feasible price.
Depending on the needs, goals, and size of your company, AI solutions may have a higher cost, which offers enormous benefits. In the very soon, rather than later, your company can beat your competitors and take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, like by using dynamic pricing to increase revenue.
With the above-provided information, I hope you well understood how will artificial intelligence affect our lives and got an idea about how to make an artificial intelligence program.
I truly believe in the below words of David Gasparyan, a President of Phonexa.
“No company is going to survive in the future without implementing, or at least gaining an understanding of, artificial intelligence and how it can be used to better grasp data they collect.” 
If you believe the same and would you like to have an AI solution for your business, Please reach us
We are happy to assist you!

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