What is General and Narrow Artificial Intelligence?

What is General and Narrow Artificial Intelligence?

Till now, we all have recognized the amazing achievements of Artificial intelligence. AI technology is so powerful that it can beat human brainpower. The scientists are predicting that very soon this world will be under the control of intelligent machines. In this article, we look at where AI is (“Narrow AI”)? And how it will be in the future (“General AI”)?

What Is Narrow AI?

Narrow AI is a form of Artificial Intelligence used to describe those AI systems that are specified to carry out a single or limited number of tasks. For example, playing chess, providing purchasing suggestions, weather forecasting, sales expectations, etc. At the present stage, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and image and speech recognition technologies come under narrow AI.
Narrow AI is also called “Weak AI”. The term doesn’t mean that it is useless. It can perform repetitive tasks. It gives chances to humans to do more creative and productive tasks rather than boring & tedious works. Because of this, the creative power of human beings also enhanced, and organizations are focusing on other profitable works.
Let’s take some examples of Narrow AI around us.

  • Automatic face recognition tool
  • Self-driving cars
  • Page ranking technology of Google
  • Customer service bots (based upon your shopping history, showing a list of items as suggestions)
  • Spam filters which are usually clean your inbox through automatic sorting

Today, most of the organizations are realizing the significance of Artificial Intelligence and applying Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). This helps them to reduce the cost overheads, improve efficiency, and automate the process of doing repetitive tasks.

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But, ANI also comprise few drawbacks, they include:

  • Generally, ANI requires a huge volume of qualitative data to produce exact results and not all platforms can afford to maintain that much data.
  • Organizations have to give training to their employees on the new AI technologies. It’s a cost-efficient process
  • Since every task is based upon certain programs, in case the task changes, the efficiency of the ANI system reduces.

Now, let’s discuss a new era of Artificial Intelligence called General Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?

General AI is also known as strong AI. It works exactly like a human being. This technology is providing more chances for improving problem-solving abilities and self- learning capabilities.
To touch the scope of AGI, computer hardware needs to boost its computational power to do more complex calculations faster.
One of the important methodologies applied to AGI is called “whole brain emulation” (WBE). In this technique, human brain memory and its mental state are moved to a computer. The architecture of the computer and brain are the same since both can be operated through neural networks.
Till now, scientists are capable to replicate the human brain of 1-millimeter flatworm having 302 neurons. But the human brain has nearly 100 billion neurons. From this number, we can predict that we have to go miles away to reconstruct our brain.
To match with human brainpower, AGI is required to transfer its learnings from one platform to another so that the machine can utilize common sense, able to work with other machines and achieve awareness.

Artificial Super-Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Super intelligence is the next-level of AGI. ASI models can surpass the capabilities and brainpower of human beings. Developments in ASI has no limitations. Starting from constructing nanotechnology to aging prevention objects, ASI could achieve anything.
Several scientists have investigated about ASI. According to them, once AGI is accomplished, then the efficiency and abilities can be increased extensively to attain ASI. The only limitation of ASI is the difficulty of global issues. Along with that, ASI requires an extensive amount of data as compared to AGI also. Some scientists believe that by using genetic engineering and ASI, a super-intelligent group of humans can be created. ASI will build a new generation of supercomputers.


AI is moving so fast that we believe that very soon we will able to touch milestones in this field. Shortly, AI will able to recollect & remember information, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, operate continuously without any break, maintaining high speed, examine vast records and make fair decisions.
So, are you ready to adopt the new AI technology? Collaborate with us & get the benefits of our extremely advanced AI solutions.

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