Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends

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  • Artificial intelligence technology is one of the trending topics that are widely talked over nowadays in technology & business circles. Many industry analysts & experts argue that AI is the future; but, when we look around and analyze, we are convinced that it’s not the future; it is the present.
  • Artificial intelligence in general is showing promise for individuals who need to analyze data, perform repetitive tasks and enhance workflow with a hybrid system of AI bots and real employees.
  • AI market is predicted to achieve $390.9 billion by the year 2025 and it is anticipated that Artificial intelligence will resolve 20% (Approx.) of neglected medicinal services requests.
  • It has become a significant part of numerous business operations, aiding to better understand and enhance management functions and at the end, customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is the technical story of 2010 decade. Over the past decade, machines that are indeed considered “intelligent” – capable of thinking, learning and performing like humans – have begun to become a reality outside of science fiction.
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As we started the new decade, advanced technology is changing at a rapid speed. The prediction engine that could shape the course of AI in the next decade has not yet been built, and we can be very sure of what will happen in the coming years. Expenditure on research, development and expansion continues to increase and discussions on broader social issues are raging.
Today, we are here to help you get an idea about the AI technology trends that will change the 2020 decade:
Let’s dig in!

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends We Will Be Watching in 2020 Decade

#1 AI Monitors and Refines business processes
While the initial robots in the organizations were primarily associated with automated manual tasks like production routes and manufacturing, today’s AI-based robots take on the repetitive tasks but essential work that we do on computers.
The repetitive tasks like farms filling, report generation and document creation and instructions will be completely automated in the coming years by the machines and learn for us in a quicker and streamlined way.
This automation is called as ‘Robotic Process Automation’ which saves time and money, leaving humans to spend much time on strategic, interpersonal, creative, and complex tasks.
#2 AI Becomes More Useful As Data Becomes More Accessible & Accurate
The quality of data accessible is regularly an obstruction to organizations and businesses wanting to move towards automated AI is driven decision making. But, as innovation and strategies for reproducing real-world mechanisms and procedures in the digital space have improved over the late years, precise information has gotten progressively available.
Simulators have progressed to the phase where vehicle manufacturers and others are busy on the development of autonomous driving cars and other vehicles can obtain thousands of hours of driving data even without laboratory vehicles, which dramatically reduces cost and increases data quality. This decade sees a rise in the availability and accuracy of real-world simulations, which will lead to more accurate and robust AI.
#3 More Personalization Takes Place In Real-Time
This Artificial intelligence technology trend is driven by the success of ecommerce giants such as Google, Alibaba, Facebook, and Amazon and the ability to provide personalized recommendations and experiences.
Artificial Intelligence enables customers to accurately and rapidly project a 360-degree view in real-time when communicating through mobile apps and online portals, discovering how their expectations fit our needs and requirements with ever-developing accuracy.
For example, Domino’s know when we need pizza, and make sure the “Order Now” button is in front of us when we feel hungry, creating solutions to provide each other industry personalized consumer experiences.
#4 More Usage of AI in Games, Music and Films
However, the influence of AI on entertainment media is likely to increase. We have recently seen ‘ Robert de Niro de-Aged’ with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, in Martin Scorsese epic. The use of AI in making incredible visual effects and computer graphics is likely to become increasingly common in the films.
Likewise, AI-generated music will be a trend in 2020, and human will differently enjoy this machine-generated music. Fully AI-created music may not be everyone’s choice, where AI excels at creating dynamic soundtracks – imagine smart playlists on platforms like Google Music or Spotify that match the pace and mood of our daily lives with remarkable tempo and tune.
AI is used to create human-like rivals that challenge players to compete and adjust game play and difficulty dynamically so that video games continue to provide a compelling task for gamers of all skill levels.
#5 Human Interaction Increases with AI
Most of us are accustomed to the idea of ​​working with AI-powered bots and tools in our everyday lives. It builds tools that make the people skills – AI yet manageable such as attendance, strategy, design, and interactive skill and at the same time, enhancing them with the super-fast analytics capabilities provided by the vast datasets updated in real-time.
For most of us, it’s about learning new methods or learning new to use human skills along with these new software-based and robotic tools.
This AI trend is evident throughout 2020, and if your employer does not invest in Artificial intelligence tools and training, it is worth considering how well they will grow in the upcoming years.
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#6 More and More Devices Are Implementing AI-Powered Technology
As the expertise and hardware wanted to implement AI become more accessible and cheaper, we will be using it in a growing number of devices, gadgets, and tools. In 2019 we were already accustomed to running applications that provide AI-powered predictions on mobile, computers, and even on watches.
As we are in 2020 decade and hardware and hardware costs decline, AI tools will increasingly be incorporated into our automobiles, office equipment and home appliances. Growing up with models such as augmented and virtual reality displays and the cloud and the IoT, the coming year will see more and more devices of all sizes and shapes will start thinking and learning about themselves.
#7 AI increasingly at the “edge”
The AI ​technology that we now use to interact in our everyday lives takes place mostly “in the cloud” – when we web search through the various recommendations on entertainment platforms like Netflix, data-based algorithms function high on processors powered by remote data centers, on our desks and hands.
However, as these algorithms become increasingly capable of operating on low-power and more efficient devices, Artificial Intelligence is taking place at the edge computing closer to where data is collected and utilized.
Custom processors designed to perform analytics on the fly become part of the technology we communicate daily and we are mostly able to do this even if we have moss and non-existent internet connections.
#8 Deepfakes Get Better, Er, and Even Worse
Deepfake is another exciting AI technology trend that has made tremendous progress in recent years. 2019 has seen viral, thankfully humorous deep fakes on many social media networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
But this advanced technology is getting worldlier over time. This opens wide avenues to very worrying consequences that could damages or destroys reputation in the real world.
Since deep fakes are already so hard to distinguish from real video, how can we find whether something is fake or real? It is critical because Deep fake can be used immediately to spread cyber threats, political information, and corporate sabotage.
Facebook and Google are trying to break out of potential negative facet by unveiling thousands of deep fake scenes to teach them how to identify AI.
#9 AI Is Even More Prevalent In Cyber Security
As social engineering attacks, phishing, and hacking have become much more sophisticated, and they are powered by Artificial intelligence algorithms, smart and digital technology plays a vital role in protecting data from the intrusion of these attempts into our daily lives.
The rollout of 5G and other high-speed wifi technology brings enormous opportunities for enterprises to offer services in innovative and creative ways. Still, they open doors to more mature cyber attacks. The cost of cyber security continues to rise and is highly sought after by those with relevant skills.
#10 AI Recognizes Us Even If We Do Not
It is the fact that the intensity of facial recognition technology is likely to boost as we have entered into the 2020 decade. Governments and corporate companies across the world are widely investing in these methods of identifying the people and describing behavior and activities of them.
As this has some negative impact, San Francisco has banned the use of facial recognition by municipal and police agencies in 2019, and others are likely to halt in this year.
But the query of whether humans will eventually accept these intrusions into their lives, instead of increased convenience and security, is likely to become a topic of discussion in the coming year.
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Artificial intelligence technology has the potential to redefine and reshape the way humans work and live. We all expect more AI-enabled solutions in the workplace as a growing AI trend in 2020 decade. These AI tools help us create new customer experiences, better results and guarantee that we achieve our goals in an efficient and timely manner.
We all know that AI has already had a tremendous impact on various markets, transforming the way businesses work and the way they approach their users. Companies that have experienced these important changes will have the choice to embrace and become market leaders or to stand in awe of change.
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