How Mobile Technology is Renovating The Manufacturing Business?

It is the era of digitization and the innovation of emerging technologies. Every industry is transforming enormously in many ways by implementing advanced technologies. In particular, mobile applications are changing the way businesses offer services to customers.
Nowadays, people are mostly using smart phones rather than desktop to respond to emails, messages and to do flexible web searches, financial transactions, and so on. Intelligent mobile apps that are developed for android and iOS help the users to save time and get the data that they want.
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At the starting phase, mobile apps were used only for entertainment purposes such as surfing social media and for playing games, etc.
But now, with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive analytics, big data, capabilities are mobile apps are going beyond our expectations. They are playing a vital role in modernizing the service offerings of businesses.
Thus, mobile apps are driving business growth as well as brand value in the market. Now, we will discuss how the manufacturing industry implements and use these mobile applications to withstand in the market.
A lot of benefits are associated with smart mobile apps in the manufacturing industry. The mobile apps can enhance the experience of both businesses and customers.
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Key Benefits of using mobile technology in manufacturing industry

The use of mobile technology in manufacturing is increasing rapidly. Mobile app development companies are delivering the most advanced mobile apps using the power of AI and ML technologies.
The manufacturing companies are on the way to ultimately adopt these digital technology trends in the market. To enable strong coordination between development, production centers, and warehouses, etc, the manufacturing industry includes their investment mostly in AI-powered mobile apps.
Accordingly, mobile technology also helps manufacturers to make accurate and fast decisions as they use the best analytic solutions. And, from inventory management, logistics to invoicing, every unit will be in good coordination with the help of mobile technology.
Here, we discuss industrial revolution and describe how mobile technology or mobile apps are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

#1 Quality and Inventory Management

quality assurance
Quality control is one of the critical factors in the manufacturing industry. Quality products always reduce expenses and increase profitability.
Mobility in the quality management helps to continuously track reduces manual efforts that usually take in checking quality measurements, as well as expenses or costs, spend in tracking the entire quality management process manually.

#2 Logistics and Supply-chain coordination

The Future of Manufacturing Technology with mobility
Mobility solutions in manufacturing automate and bring the best co-ordination supply chain and logistics. Mobile technology in manufacturing industry is used to track and balance production timelines, delivery and profit margins. Hence, continuous tracking, as well as reporting in real-time, helps manufacturers avoid negative cash flows.

#3 Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics
As mobile apps for manufacturing are developed using predictive analytics, they are very much useful in performing efficient cost analysis. In addition, these analytics solutions with the use of data help manufacturers in detecting equipment failure seamlessly.

#4 Dashboard Reporting

Cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence technologies are like god given gifts to manufacturing intelligence companies.
Today’s manufacturing companies almost involve emerging technologies in their production units. Hence, real-time data reports, charts, graphs everything will be on manufacturer’s fingertips.

#5 Better Resource Management

With the use of AI-powered Mobile applications in manufacturing, admin can what’s going in and outside of the manufacturing unit. From inventory management and shipment to delivery, logistics, and workforce, everything they can control using mobile apps.

#6 Eliminates Redundant activities

As mobile apps improve communication amid all functional units, they help to fasten the manufacturing processes.

Applications of Mobile Apps or Mobility Solutions in Manufacturing

• Incorporating Mobile Apps with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

The integration of mobile app and CRM help the process to be more communicative and manage orders efficiently. It helps the manufacturing industry to fulfill the order frequently and reduce the response time of customer concerns or issues. Fast response leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

• Real-Time Record and Order Fulfillment Mobile Apps

Previously, manufacturers have used handy scanners to maintain inventory and accomplish the order. But now, with the help of mobile technology, manufacturers can manage all their tasks such as sending messages or email, arranging a virtual meeting, accomplishing the orders of customers, etc.
The use of a single device to handle multiple tasks saves production time as well as money. Thus, through mobile apps, the manufacturing team gets updated about the database and fulfills the order.

• Mobile Apps to Make Price Quotes

With the use of mobile apps, manufacturers can send a price quote to the customers immediately. According to some research, it has found that nearly 70% of clients get converted to real customers who get a quote immediately just after the pitch.

• Production Checking and Management Mobile Apps

The mobile apps help the manufacturers to monitor the production process from a remote location. Just you have to input the specifications and required files into the device, and it shows the complete data in a readable manner on the device. It takes very little time to produce and leads to higher satisfaction.

• Real-Time Machinery Maintenance and Repairs

When a machine or any equipment breakdowns, it will impact the production volumes. So, it is important to be alert all the time for the technicians. The mobile app lets you know whether a machine requires maintenance with the help of AI-enabled sensors installed in the parts of the machinery. After predicting device faults, the technicians make quick decisions accordingly.
USM can deliver similar kind of mobile app to reduce the unexpected machinery breakdowns. Let’s talk today!

5 best AI mobile apps for the manufacturing industry

1. Pocket Analytics

This mobile manufacturing app is designed in such a way that this can help you to stay up-to-date about your real-time business. This provides you a general idea, statistical analytics of different services. This Pocket Analytics app also allows you to choose a format according to you in which you want to see your data, in charts, graphs, or in-text manner. This app is an ideal app for data organization.
Furthermore, manufacturing firms want more media-oriented information to know about their online presence. Pocket Analytics can track the no. of new visitors, page views and user engagement period. To increase productivity and make the right decision to benefit the businesses, knowing of statistics is very important and Pocket Analytics helps in this regard.

2. Venmo

Venmo is an AI-powered app that fills up the gap between the banking industries and technology. It helps to enhance the efficiency in different business transactions. This app replaces the requirement of checking every time. In the case of frequent sale or purchasing, the Venmo app is very helpful.
Know more about what type of mobility solutions help your manufacturing business.

3. Manufacturing 360

Manufacturing 360 is a fantastic app for those manufacturers who want to be updated with every single change in the industry. This app is different from other apps due to its digitized features. It also gives you all the latest manufacturing trends, news, and expert advice. Majorly it concentrates on the subjects in the assembly and manufacturing process.

4. LeanApp

LeanApp helps to enhance the quality of the product and lessen the waste of production. In this app, you can find several features that ask manufacturers to input all the required information and with the help of the information, it helps to enhance productivity and decrease the costs of manufacturing.
Also, it has a task list that monitors the progression of employees involved in this manufacturing process. This LeanApp contains a TAKT calculator and worksheet which allows manufacturers to draw the flow of their layout.
Time management is very important for the accomplishment of any manufacturing firm. And Manufacturing MRP helps to know that your company is ready to perform the task. This app schedules the plan; give alerts for the changes in the quality and real-time updates for several operations. Employees will be able to up-to-date with the changes in the process, which optimizes the entire management practices.
A lot of challenges are associated with the manufacturing industry. The mobile apps help manufacturing companies in different ways. If you want to develop an impeccable AI solution for your manufacturing industry, then USM Business Systems is the ultimate option for you. We will give you greater value in less time.
So, why are you waiting for? Get partnered with us and get cost-effective and marvelous mobile apps to make your business successful.
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