Top 30 Artificial Intelligence Apps ideas for iOS and Android

In this era of science & technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most famous and prominent technology. It provides you with the opportunity to finish your task in very less time with more efficient and accurate. This revolutionary latest technology helps for automating your tasks, problem solving, speeding up the process, and making your traditional systems smarter.
AI is used to develop both mobile-based and web-based applications. AI-powered solutions or apps for iOS and android are rapidly evolving in the market in the recent past. Increased Smartphone usage is the primary factor for the development of strong AI applications.
In this blog, we are describing some of the top 13 AI apps for Android and iOS.
List of 30 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android
#1 Cortana
Cortana is the most popular artificial intelligent application developed by Microsoft. It can record your important data like videos, images, valuable files, and any personal information. It syncs your smartphone and personal computer.
You can track your important files from your smart device. It also helps to get information about your favourite TV shows, series, sports, and more on your Smartphone on demand.
#2 Robin
Robin is an artificial intelligence-based voice assistance app that uses natural language processing technology. This app is a very popular and well-known AI application for iOS and Android users. It allows users to write a text message without touching the phone and send it through voice.
You can also get GPS navigation, set reminders for the next day by this Robin app. According to the requirements of the users, this AI-driven app updates itself.
#3 Wysa
With Wysa, you can easily start a conversation with strangers. It is an AI-driven happiness chatbot, and very much helpful when you are alone. This app assists you to start a conversation with confidence with unknown people.
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#4 Youper
Youper is a very smart AI technology app developed by Youper, Inc for a large number of iOS and Android customers. It is a free, AI system app that maintains your health record and fitness schedules as directed by the doctor. This app guides the user to schedule regular health checkup routines, workouts, meditations, and exercises, etc.
ELSA is an AI-powered application. This AI-powered app just acts as a Digital English Tutor. Users can easily learn English using this app. It stores all your previous mistakes while learning to assist you accordingly.
It has a lot of features required to get intermediate-level knowledge in English. It was designed with voice recognition technology. This amazing feature allows you to speak English with proper American literary pronunciation.
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AI App or project idea
#6 FaceApp
FaceApp is a very famous AI-driven app among android and iOS platforms. It is developed by Facebook. It helps to change the existing photos into an impressive photograph. You can change complete looks like smile, hairstyle, and give a purely different look through this intelligent app.
#7 Google Allo
Google Allo is an instant messaging app, helps to send messages without typing. Only you have to tell Google Allo to what to write in the message. With the help of this app, you can send unlimited messages for free to anyone.
#8 Replika
Replika is a very useful app to boost your chats. Any android or iOS user can easily use it and start a limitless conversation. It also allows you to express yourself through conversation. With this app, you can save notes on the notepad, and track them easily whenever you required it.
#9 Fyle
Business-to-Business (B2B) accounting software is a tedious task and needs to track continuously. Fyle app is an AI-enabled expense tracking app. You can track your mileage, receipts, and expenses and generate a report on your travel and expenses on time.
If you take an image of your receipt, then the Fyle app scans it automatically and extracts the information regarding your expenses. It is an ideal app designed for small businesses, accounting organizations, and those employees who spend a large amount of time with spreadsheets to complete the information.
#10 Meitu
Meitu app is one of the most brilliant beauty apps through which your photos can be made more beautiful. This app customizes your images with its in-built advanced AI algorithms. You can also add texts, blur the backgrounds, and apply filters, etc., to selected images. Of Course, girls are very much attracted to this app as it beautifies and makes their pics outstanding!
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#11 Calorie Mama AI
Calorie Mama AI is a meal planner and food macro counter app which counts calories by taking images of the food items automatically. It analyzes the food through the images and tells you the calories present in the food. This app can categorize food items like vegetables, grains, meats, fruits, beverages. Also, it can segment dishes like western, Asian, American, and European, etc.
#12 MeetFrank
This AI-powered MeetFrank app makes it very comfortable to search for jobs. Through this app, it is easy to see which company wants to hire you and ready to pay your expected amount. Know your real value with the help of this app and get hired.
MeetFrank app is designed with complex AI algorithms to match the candidate with the company’s requirements. It is a complete personal career assistant and a very useful app for those who are looking for new job opportunities.
#13 Flo
Nowadays, video and photo edit apps are getting more popularity. The Flo app has a built-in voice virtual assistant who can take shots by locations, dates or tags through voice and make quality videos with music. The Flo app uses machine learning algorithms to find out the best instants and variate the locations, animals, and faces.
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#14. Socratic
Socratic is the most popular homework and mathematics assister applications for both iOS and Android users. This will help you make homework in less time with better practices. It has a wonderful AI feature that can help you get your homework done.
You need to take a photo with your camera app of your homework with your camera app and it will instantly give you the concepts you need to learn to resolve the problem in the right way and in the shortest possible time.
#15 . Hound
Hound is also the best artificial intelligence application that enables you to search for anything and find out with our voice. With a great user interface, this app is easy to use, and here you can say OK Hound and attain any command to manage it. You can quickly avail information like knowing about the best hotels, best hospitals or best restaurants that are nearby you.
As it has an excellent AI feature, Hound will understand the natural language and speech of people. It is also called as the Speech to Meaning Assistant application. This app translates text into speech, speech into text and easily search your word online.
#16. Google Assistant
Google launched this AI-enabled Virtual Assistant is a voice-based application in 2016. Google Assistant is available not only on Android phones but also on headphones, cars, and fridges
It supports text and voice entry using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide services such as voice search, voice-activated control, finding information online, voice commands, making assignments assisting with tasks, sending reminders, and translating in real time.
#17. Recent News
Another of the AI-powered mobile apps that dominate the global market is the ‘Recent News’ that works on consumer reading habits. Algorithms have been created to analyze a user’s reading habits to recommend the latest articles, news, and related reading books.
Users usually receive notification of what they read, which they can then bookmark to read. It cancels background activity and history exploration.
#18. Siftr Magic Cleaner
Sift Magic Cleaner is another best AI android apps that detect junk photos and trash them automatically to free up users space. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms are used to examine photos that provide quick results. However, users can delete photos annually.
#19. Swiftkey Keyboard
As the name suggests, ‘Swiftkey Keyboard’ app acts as a keyboard for android app users. Apps are smart enough to correct grammatical errors, sentences and automatically text. It has an auto-correct feature that enables users to type simply and easily. The app also consists of design, font style, color, external emojis, and theme.
#20. Replika
Replika is a kind of It is a mental health AI-based app for android device that allows users to talk to them if they are suffering from illness or anxiety. Chat room also enables users to communicate with a virtual machine to freely share their emotions and feelings. It improves the mental health of consumers and is a stress-free app. The wonderful thing about this app is that users can develop their own Replika to talk about them.
#21. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent
Jarvis Artificial Intelligent app enables users to use their smart phones without touching them with the assistance of personal assistants. It is one of the best AI Assistant Android apps with cool and unique features.
The mobile application includes word recognition functions and specialized voice recognition as well as commands, personalized reply, responses, etc. This AI-based Android app still has many amazing features that make it easy for users to help.
#22. DataBot:
DataBot is also a popular AI assistant android application in the global market. It works on the users’ voices. This smart digital assistant can locate topics, create page summaries and multimedia presentations, search on Google, answer queries, and personalize preferences and languages.
#23. Lyra:
If you want to do time pass and enjoy, you can use Lyra app. It is an app that tells about dairy management, jokes, time-killing, surfing videos, playing games, etc. Users can also utilize the map using the AI Assistant app, which simplifies the travel experience.
#24. IRIS
IRIS is a must-have AI app if you are a manager, team leader or coworker. The Intelligent Reporting application provides a complete report of the office work to other team members. The mobile application can be used by various team members at the same time with no hassle. Users can log in to the app and easily sync with other devices.
#25. Microsoft Pix
The Microsoft Pix camera app can be incorporated into an Artificial intelligence application that changes the way we use photography to look like a profession. This app is very useful for users to take high-quality photos. In addition, the application enables users to take important documents and business cards without pixilation.
#26.  Acquisio
This AI-based Acquisio application is specifically based on predictive algorithms for growth bids. The ​​application works in the form of self-improvement of expressions and in a way that the client cannot unimaginable. This app is used to display results in line with human capabilities and to function on digital advertising. It is popular in social media as the best app for selling products easily and quickly.
#27. Clara
Clara is one of the best Artificial Intelligence apps for Android that can be used to assist in meeting verification, scheduling meetings, and automatically following-up. The Ai assistant app allows users to include their calendar with an application that can schedule events and track time.
#28. Prisma
How can I miss AI Prisma in the list of top 30 Artificial Intelligence mobile apps ideas for iOS and Android. This AI ​​cloud service app is used for image editing that can even remove the presence of an individual. It is enough to transform the application pictures and modify it to increase its quality.
#29. Majesto
This AI-assistant application is mostly used in video editing, which is used to read the text, understand it and even write text. This app helps a lot for film school students or those interested in learning good knowledge and skills of video editing. The editor features enable users to edit the message and even add images to the list with an effective and fun filter.
#30. Answer Rocket
The Answer Rocket application enables users to ask any queries and get the answer according to the available reports and maps. It is considered to be one of the best AI Assistant Android app used to answer business intelligence or general questions in detail.
The term Artificial Intelligence used to develop extraordinary intelligent solutions and mobile apps for all industries. The above are the 30 best AI-powered apps that have more demand in the global market.
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