How AI Will Drive Transformation In Mobile Technology?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most innovative technologies in recent times and is taking mobile technology to the next level. AI technology enhances user experience with various features like face recognition, voice commands, image labeling.
You know? Alan Turing, an American Computer Scientist has sowed the seeds of the concept of artificial intelligence in 1956. He also developed a ‘Turing test’ to determine whether a computer (machine) can intelligently think like a human.
Today, every industry has realized the fact that AI is the next big technology that will transform human machine interactions. AI automates specific tasks and helps in problem solving. This intelligent system is greatly uses in science fiction movies.
In this blog, we would like to give a brief about how Artificial intelligence will advance the mobile technology.
AI and ML-powered apps have greatly enhanced the Smartphone experience in almost all the industries. Companies therefore invest in Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide personalized experiences to their customers.
Smart mobile developers are introducing AI technology in their manufacturing process to make mobile phones more smart & intelligent. Increased use of the Smartphone allows manufacturers to develop more innovative applications to provide an enhanced user experience.
The following figure illustrates the growth of AI-based mobile technology in 2020.
AI Mobile
Beyond 2020, we are about to realize the enormous revolution in mobile technology to further advance applications and services. Android and iOS look at machine learning and improved versions of AI-powered mobile apps.
Now, let’s have a look at the

Seven Ways How AI Will Drive Transformation in Mobile Technology:

#1 Empowering Search Engines
Earlier, customers used to search in the text mode whatever they need. But now the search method has improved and introduced a new way of searching using images along with voice. This is made possible by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Furthermore, Android developers must develop voice and image recognition systems. The term Artificial Intelligence helps to develop a localized application that can help improve the conversion rate.
#2 Blend of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT)
With strong AI, smart phones can interact with other devices/ computer systems. AI helps to gather real-time information and processing that data to make massive transformations in the devices. Gradually, the smart devices learn to operate on their own.
Therefore, Android developers integrate AI and IoT to transfer data on many smart devices and then take all the necessary steps.
#3 Smartphone Cameras Are Getting Better
App developers are using AI algorithms to identify the theme in the camera frame, such as food, landscape, and fireworks. Android app developers are working in this particular area. AI-enabled mobile applications can quickly detect images and improve image quality.
#4 Converting Languages in Real-Time
Using Artificial Intelligence platform, you can convert a text in one language to another. This software is very much helpful while we are going to other states or countries.
There is a lot of translating apps available in the market. But, the internet is mandatory to upload the text. But, computer science technologies like AI and ML aids to convert the needed text without any use of the internet.
#5 Facial Unlock Systems
Now the Face Unlock feature is becoming one of the recent features of smartphones. Smartphones use AI and ML technology for facial recognition. Narrow AI systems work a lot to identify the user face for security.
But sometimes, if person makes changes on face like wearing glasses, it will not recognize. Very soon, AI development will also quickly identify the person with changes also.
#6 High App Verification
In terms of cyber security, Artificial Intelligence has a significant role. With the advancement of technology and increased smartphone usage, a higher level of data security is needed. For Android developers, developing new android apps with advanced security is one of the tough challenges. ( Recommended to read: How Much Does It Cost To Make A Mobile App 2020)
AI program helps to decrease the security problems by providing alerts to Smartphone users about the upcoming threats.
#7 App Marketing
Marketers need large amounts of both online and offline data to market the app. For this collection and maintenance of data, a lot of time and effort is required. AI-based applications help marketers analyze the market and consumer buying history.
As per the study, 80% of companies are going to use AI and ML models by 2020 to improve their sales . Furthermore, AI and ML can also help make better decisions to increase sales and engagement rates.
Final Thoughts
Artificial intelligence offers endless possibilities to the world and adds more value to consumers. By introducing AI in the mobile app development, marketers will be able to get good revenues and profits. It also improves customer satisfaction. So, don’t miss the opportunity to use AI technology to make your business more valuable.
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