Top 20 Powerful AI Applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) alter the ways we’re living. The applications developed using AI are incredible. They can act as assistants, reminders, physicians, teachers, and what else, AI apps can do anything.
Gartner’s technology report predicts that in the next five years, every app, software, and service will surely use AI. Multiple companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, etc. are using Artificial Intelligence in their products. The iPhone X of Apple has a Facial Recognition System, Alexa of Amazon, Bixby of Samsung, and Google Assistant of Google are few of AI instances, etc.
The future of AI provides infinite opportunities. The things which were just a dream for us, now they are a part of our daily lives. Herein, I’ve listed a few advanced AI applications. Let’s start.

1. Seeing AI: A Camera App

Seeing AI is an AI-powered app that identifies objects in the surrounding
Seeing AI is an AI-powered app that identifies objects in the surrounding, and then describes objects for blind people. This ongoing project of Microsoft uses the power of advanced AI technology with a focus on assisting visually impaired people.

2. Parla: An English teacher

AI Powered Digital Teacher
Parla is an AI-based tutor. It helps people learn and correct their language. In addition, this app functions as a human tutor and assists users in learning new text or words. Hence, AI can alter the learning way and takes the education industry available for all. With Parla, your grammar and vocabulary will reach to advanced level.

3. Duolingo Bots

AI powered app to learn new languages
The Duolingo Bots helps to learn languages from conversations. With this AI-powered app, you can learn a new language on your wish. Make conversations in digital bots and practice reading, writing, and listening with the help of Duolingo bots.

4. Lisa- A smart Photo Assistant

This app is developed using Machine Learning techniques. It selects the best photos that will get more likes and posts on Instagram.

5. Replika

AI-powered emotional connection app
Replika is an AI-powered app that acts as your buddy. With Replika, the user can form an emotional connection, share a laugh, or get a real response from this app. Hence, we can say that this AI-based app gives you a company, and also helps in exploring your personality.

6. Tetra

AI Powered voice and call recording app
Tetra utilizes AI technology for recording the phone calls you attended. Now, using this AI innovative app, you can listen and recall the conversation later.

7. Olivia

AI based financial assistant app
Olivia is a finance app. It assists users as a financial assistant, and the users can discuss financial issues with Olivia. It offers many options to do more with your money. While talking with Olivia, you’ll feel like talking with a human.

8. Astro

AI & NLP based app to boost your user interactions
This app was developed with a focus on bringing AI into the email. Astro is the best AI-driven app that helps you interact with your email inbox efficiently. This app uses natural language processing and voice commands to boost user interaction with emails.

9. Trove

AI-powered platform for managing your professional network
Trove is an innovative AI-powered platform for managing your professional network. It exposes those networks that comprise an efficient list of contacts based on your email history. Hence, no need to invest your time & effort with worthless contacts.


The Capsule is one of the most useful AI apps. This app remembers you every moment you’ve been. It also stores the photos of the events you have been for the whole day.

11. LifeTracker

It helps you to perform the right things at the right time.

12. Clarity Money

AI & ML based budgeting app
Clarity Money is a budget planner. It uses Machine Learning algorithms and data science to analyze individual finances. Hence, this app helps the user in making smart and quick financial decisions with their money.


Using AI technology, provides the best music for the brain so that your brain can relax, meditate, concentrate, or sleep within 15 minutes.

14. Ada Healthcare App

AI-powered health adviser
Ada is an AI-powered health adviser. It uses machine learning to help you manage your health conditions. This healthcare management app ensures personalized healthcare services to users. Hence, it helps you when you feel sick.

15. Aura- Mindfulness & Meditation

best AI-powered meditation application for stress management
Aura is the best AI-powered meditation application. It helps you in reducing stress and nervousness. This advanced meditation app provides best-in-class meditation exercises that make you perfect and happy.

16. Ulli – Self-driving Internet

best AI-driven mobile browser
Ulli is the best AI-driven mobile browser. It extends the limitations of mobile web browsing. This mobile browser ensures your confidentiality and safety.

17. Capitan

create a grocery shopping list
Capitan is an app designed to create a grocery shopping list. It helps you make smart decisions, synchronizes the request list, and saves time. Also, it is an easy platform to share your shopping list with your family members and friends. Thus, you can request them to buy an item when they near a grocery store.

18. Recent News

The Recent News application learns user interests. This app suggests news, articles, and topics that they interested in.

19. ELSA Speak — Practice Speaking English

Learn English with English language speech assistant
Elsa is an outstanding English language speech assistant. It helps people who want to learn English. Using this app, you can learn the English language at any time and from anywhere. Elsa finds your mistakes and suggests to improve word pronunciation.

20. Socratic Math & Homework Help

solving mathematical problems and other homework
This app is free to download. It helps you in solving mathematical problems and other homework. Just upload a photo of your question into the app and get a step-by-step explanation of your query.


AI-powered apps are excellent which saves time and increases productivity. With over two decades of experience in developing AI & ML mobile apps for various industries, USM is the best AI solutions and service provider in the industry.
Partner with USM Business Systems and discover the real power of AI apps. AI-based applications make the world better and smarter. No doubt about that!

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