Artificial Intelligence In Medicine & It’s Benefits

Generally, conducting and screening public health programs are quit complex procedures. Human resources have to approach the public and need to check their healthcare conditions. This kind of traditional health awareness programs are conducted for village and other public who are in remote areas. This will be helpful for people who cannot visit hospitals to know their illness.
However, limited resources to motivate the large scale public is impacting these health programs. This was one of the major constraint to rapidly spread the healthcare inspirational events, specifically in villages. Here, the intelligent technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) comes in place.
AI and ML technologies are very much useful to meet the above challenge. They can reduce the need of human resources in performing public health programs. The term AI came into the market in 1950s only. But, due to the less ware and inadequate data, the growth of this technology was hindered.
Now, the data is gathering from various sources like internet, cloud, sensors and in other ways. Huge quantity of data is available over these sources. As, data is the fuel to successfully run AI and ML algorithms, the development of these technologies are progressing well.
Gathering patient’s data, storing in the cloud, and processing it, everything was digitized in this 20th century. The AI and ML technologies doing every tasks that is actually performed by humans earlier. These algorithms learn from data, detect patterns, and hence assist healthcare employees to diagnose diseases in early stages as well as helps them to make the best clinical decisions.
Well, Artificial intelligence benefits in public health are incredible, but to get those benefits, you must know how AI and ML are used in public health programs? Let’s have a brief discussion on it.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Public Health Programs?

Artificial intelligence has been successfully forayed into health field. It is now used for many healthcare purposes. Its applications including-

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Drug discovery
  • Medical record storage
  • Data retrieval and processing
  • Intelligent robotic surgery
  • Virtual healthcare assistants and
  • Fitness trackers

These are only a few use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The developments of AI in healthcare sector are steadily growing with the increased demand for advanced healthcare services.
Applications of AI in the medical field are tremendous. Below are the significant areas where AI and ML technologies are used in public health.

#1 Improves Health Workforce Productivity

Artificial intelligence tools can able to track the data gathered by the health workforce. Then, based on this data. Using this data, AI-machines helps them to enhance their performance as well as assist them in meeting their requirements that are related to provide more improved services.

#2 Diagnostics and Screening

Artificial intelligence-based machines can quickly detect the disease symptoms and helps to provide proper medical guidance to the public. Hence, artificial intelligence in medicine mainly helps to perform clinical diagnoses and suggest required treatments to the public.

#3 Improves Client Adherence

AI-based tools identifies gaps in the behavior of people’s health-seeking and help health workers to suggest individuals who might quit from a health program or treatment.


Public health and medicine encourage the further developments of artificial intelligence technology. AI will not only the center of attention and more prominently act as the source to develop innovative solutions for public health.
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