AI In Automotive Industry – Benefits & Current State

The growth of Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on the automotive industry. Starting with driver less cars, taxis, buses, and trucks to robots that work on the factory floor, AI technology has transformed the automotive sector completely.
Along with manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence will also change the research and design support functions. Manufacturers working in the automotive industry are realizing the importance of AI applications. Thus, they are focusing on developing the required analytical capabilities to launch autonomous vehicles.
In this article, we would like to describe the benefits and current state of AI in automotive sectors and also discuss the influence of AI on automobiles.
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Industry
#1 Driver Assist
Artificial Intelligence can assist the drivers in protecting against unexpected risks. Now, we can see there are many AI-enabled systems or sensors which give alarms to the driver to avoid risks/ accidents.
For example, when the driver is not wearing the seat belt properly, there is an alarm sound start blowing. When the door of driving car is not properly close, an alarm sound occurs immediately.
Other AI safety features, including cross-traffic detectors, driver-assist steering, emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring help to avoid accidents.
#2 Driverless Automobiles
Previously, it was just a dream to see a driver-less car on the road. But now, thankfully, it is happening in the real time. Nowadays, we can see a number of autonomous cars moving around surroundings.
Because of having the best automotive companies in India, USA, and Europe, the automobile manufacturing process is going beyond expectations. It is a very complicated procedure earlier, but, with the adoption of AI technology, it became simple and easy.
#3 AI Cloud Computing
This is a perfect platform to perform and deploy AI technology in automotive utilization. Cloud computing help drivers to pay their fuel purchases from inside of their vehicles and also help in finding nearby restaurants and even buying household products from the nearby stores. Whenever needed, because of deploying AI at scale and cloud services, the real time data is also available.
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#4 Predictive maintenance
Many AI applications are utilized to observe and predict the problems that may happen shortly. They can solve the general issues of driving vehicles like checking low battery indicators, oil lights, engine lights, etc.
#5 AI Automotive insurance
The insurance industry and AI automotive insurance do the same thing, but customers take more advantages of AI schemes rather than traditional insurance processes. While claiming for the policy amount, customers need to take photos of their vehicles and upload those photos with insure.
AI apps uses those photos and divide the images into different structures and find out other parts of the car to look for damage. AI automotive insurance is much faster than the traditional insurance industry when accidents occur.
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#6 AI-Powered Driver Risk Assessment
With the help of previous big data like whatever the driver was facing in the past or going through currently, Artificial intelligence can predict the possible risks that may occur due to his personal or professional life.
#7 AI in Car Manufacturing
From the above discussion, we are aware of how AI technology helps support cars while driving. But Artificial intelligence has its influence on car manufacturing also.
Now, robots are working parallel with human beings and help them in the car manufacturing process. The robots are also able to read the mind of the worker and trying to complete the task like them.
#8 Driver Monitoring
Also, AI monitors the driver and checks whether the driver is fully active or not. If it finds some tiredness in the driver’s eyes, then it alerts him with the help of AI-driven sensor alarms. So, finally, let’s see how artificial intelligence revolutionizes cars security:

  • Numerous AI-enabled sensors can be used in the vehicles
  • They can communicate and able to create maps for the preferred locations
  • Creates various useful information which helps the driver while driving
  • Also helps in navigation
  • Can forecast weather and monitor the traffic

#9 Emotion Detection & Risk Identification 
Emotion Detection has been available for many years in streams of text or documents, with sentiment analysis APIS being able to do all of this with many providers such as Microsoft, Social Opinion, and IBM.
It is one thing to identify the state of mind in a document, but it is quite another to recognize the state of mind or emotion of a human being. By uploading images and processing them by machine learning algorithms, it is now possible for machines to detect the state of mind expressed by a human being by calculating the probabilities in terms of various emotions such as anger, joy, sadness and so on.
#10 DIY Auto Claims
Art Financial consolidated its position in the China auto market in May 2018 with the release of version 2.0 of its AI-powered video app Dingsunbao 2.0. This app allows drivers to do their own auto damage examination for their insurance firms.
On-screen instructions guide the customer on how to videotape their vehicle loss for their insurance claim. While human insurance adjustment has yet to be signed on each claim, AI explains the driver about how to repair their vehicle and what will cover under insurance.
Dingsunbao is the best AI ​​applications that offer by almost all the automotive insurance companies to their customers. The app has no chance of doubting the 1 billion renminbi that has already saved the Chinese auto insurance industry.
Current State of Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Sector
Automobile manufacturers around the world are using AI technology in every aspect of the vehicles manufacturing process. Combining the opening bolts and nuts of an AI vehicle or using vision and machine learning in autonomous vehicles can be witnessed by its magic working by robots to go safely through traffic.
According to the research reports, the year 2022 will be the year when many automobile manufacturers will develop autonomous vehicles. And, Tractica predicts that the automotive hardware, software and services market will reach to 27 billion dollars by 2025.
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