Top 16 Artificial Intelligence Application examples in Your Everyday Life

Today, Artificial intelligence technology is one of the trending topics that are widely talked over in technology & business circles. Many industry analysts & experts argue that AI is the future; but, when we look around and analyze, we are convinced that it is not the future; it is the present.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

AI technology is the branch of computer science that accentuates the building of intelligent machines that will work and think like humans. At first, the Facebook application has adopted artificial intelligence for image recognition. Other AI example is speech recognition which uses artificial neural networks.

With the advancement of technology, you are connected to various types of artificial intelligence products, whether it is Siri, Alexa, or Watson. 

Now, a few readers will get a doubt that who is Siri in real life. Well, Siri is a virtual voice assistant that uses voice questions to answer queries and make suitable recommendations and resolve customer problem or query by associating with various internet services, including Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Wolfram Alpha.

We all know this advanced technology is in the initial stage, and a large number of companies are investing its resources in machine learning, indicating a robust growth in AI products and apps shortly.

Artificial intelligence is not limited to IT technology; instead, it is used comprehensively in several areas such as education, medicine, supply chain, law, business and manufacturing, to simplify the tasks of human. Even Science fiction films are also created by artificial intelligence technology.

Applications of AI Industry wise:

9 ai applications on various industries

Some Stats Related to Artificial Intelligence Growth:

  • According to the report of MarketandMarkets, the AI market will grow to $190.61 billion industry by 2025 at CAGR of 36.62%.
  • According to Gartner, 80% of emerging technologies will have an AI foundation by 2021.
  • Gartner survey shows that 37% of organizations have implemented AI in some or other forms, which is a 270% increase in the last four years.
  • IDC predicts 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021.

You believe it or not. Artificial intelligence is affecting our choices and our lives every day. Well, continue reading as we tell you examples of artificial intelligence you are using in your daily life.

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Top 16 Example Applications Where AI used

1. AI in Commuting

Commute times in the US have been progressively increasing year by year, which is affecting productivity. Reducing commute times is not a simple issue to resolve.

Now, we are going to see how AI is already helping to tackle the complexities of transportation.

Ridesharing apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft

How will they determine the price of your ride? How to these services optimally match you with other fellow passengers to minimize detours? The answer to all questions is ML.

Uber head of machine learning confirmed Uber’s use of Machine Learning for estimated meal delivery times on UberEats, ETA for rides, fraud detection, and computing optimal pickup location.

In the near future, AI will decrease people commute even further via self-driving cars that results in 90% of fewer accidents, more efficient ride-sharing and smart traffic lights that reduce wait times by 40% and overall time by 26%.

2. Smart cars & drones

Smart car and drone manufacturers are using most of AI technology. Just a few years ago, using a complete automatic car is a dream, but today companies like Tesla and Waymo made so much progress that we already have a fleet of semi-automatic vehicles on the road.

When it comes to drone delivery programs, Amazon and Walmart are heavily investing to make it a reality as soon as possible. If you think that is far-fetched, do note that militaries all over the world are already using successful drone programs.

Tesla autopilot cars are a prime example of how AI is affecting our daily life with features like predictive capabilities, self-driving, and technological innovation. The Tesla vehicle is getting smarter day by day through over the air updates.

3 . Smartphones.

Smartphones have become the most crucial tech product that we own today, and we use almost every time. Well, if you are using a smartphone means you are interacting with the AI whether you knew it or not.

In a smartphone, you will have AI features like a smart assistant and portrait mode in the camera. For example, when you are using an intelligent assistant like Siri or Google Assistant or Alexa, you are aware they are based on AI.

The Smart assistants (Google Assistant) help you to find the information, make voice calls, get directions, open applications, add events to the calendar, and send messages. These smart assistants use machine learning to get smarter and capable of understanding natural language requests and questions.



It is one of the standard and iconic examples of machine learning abilities of smartphones. When you are using a portrait effect for taking images, we never thought AI is behind it. The integration of AI in smartphones helping in bringing features like mixed & virtual reality elements, scene detection, and many more.

So, whenever you feel AI is not affecting you, take out your smartphone.

4. Media streaming services

Media streaming services are the next example of how AI affects our lives that we are using in our daily life. Whether you are using Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify, AI is making the decisions on behalf of you. You might feel that you have total control, but the reality is not.

For example, I love to discover a weekly playlist on Wynk as it introduced me to several artists, which I wouldn’t have been announced to if not for the AI gods at Spotify.

So next time when you are hitting play on a recommended video or watching a recommended show on Netflix, or any other media & music streaming service for that matter, remember that AI is playing a significant role back of that.

5. Banking & finance

The open fact is the world runs on money, and banks are necessarily the gatekeepers that regulate the entire flow, and it plays a significant role in our lives.

Did you know that the banking & finance industry mostly depends on artificial intelligence software for things such as fraud detection, investment, mobile check deposits, credit decisions, customer service, and many more?

Let us have a look at the simple example:

We will receive automated email and SMS messages from banks whenever we perform a simple transaction. Well, that’s AI watching over your account and trying to warn you of any fraud.

Banking systems are trained with AI to look at the large chunk of fraud data and find a pattern so that you can be warned before it happens to you. Even big players in the banking and finance industry use AI to analyze data to find the best avenues to invest in getting more returns with minimal risk.

It is not the end, AI is going to play a key role in the industry as most of the top banks around the world are investing billions in the AI, and we all will see the effect sooner.

    1. Navigation and Travel

    You should agree with the fact that AI affects our everyday lives. Anyhow, they are any doubts out there, please have a look at the below examples.

    What about the travel and navigation sector? Most of the people travel every day from the time frame and utilize navigation mapping to reach their destination. 

    Whether you are using Apple or Google maps to navigation location, or book bus or Uber/Ola, do you ever realized that you are using Artificial Intelligence?

    Okay, if you didn’t realize yet, it’s time for that. Apple, Google and other navigation providers use AI to interpret thousands of location points to offer you real-time route and traffic information. When you call car services like Ola/ Uber, car size and cost are determined by AI-software only. 

    1. Video Games

    The video gaming industry is one of the first industries to adopt AI technology, and it has greatly experienced the uses of artificial intelligence in daily life. This AI integration is launched with a basic level that gamers can play and enjoy, but fortunately, it has reached a level that one can’t even imagine.

    I am sure that everyone knows the popular video game, PUBG. When you play PUBG, you will start up against two AI-integrated bots and then go on to play with real players. When you even play a single-man story mode PUBG game, you will play against AI-powered bosses.

    Likewise, if you play racing games, you will obviously race against AI bots. One of the most interesting apps of Ai in real life is in the Middle Earth series video games, where enemies controlled by the AI-bot develop their interaction with you along with other gaming elements.

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    1. Smart Keyboard Apps

    Everyone does not like to deal with virtual keyboards, but they become very clear, enabling users to type quickly and comfortably. The possibility of becoming a catalyst for them is the integration of AI. 

    Smart keyboard applications will keep a tab on the user’s writing style and forecast the emojis and words accordingly. Hence, the touch screen has become more comfortable and fast. AI also plays an important role in misspellings and pin-pointing typos.

    1. Smart Speakers

    Many smart users believe that smart speakers are ready for a big boom in nowadays technology. In addition to managing smart devices, they also work on a number of things, including texting quickly, checking the weather condition, setting alerts, and receiving trending and breaking news.

    Furthermore, this flexibility has demonstrated to be a central factor for them. Driven by the Amazon Echo Series, the market of smart speaker across the world has arrived at a remarkable stage in 2018 with deals of 149.9 million units, a huge increment of 70% in the year 2018. 

    In addition, Q4 set another record with deals of 55.7 million units in the year 2019. Smart speakers are undoubtedly one of the best examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

    1. Online Ads Network

    One of the strong customers of AI technology is the online advertising industry, which uses AI to track consumers’ statistics and provide us with advertisements based on those reports. 

    Without Artificial Intelligence, the online ads industry would be failing because it would show random advertisements those consumers had no connection to their preferences.

    AI has been so successful in finding our interests and delivering advertising to us that the global digital advertising industry has crossed the US $ 250 billion marks and the ad sector is expected to reach the 300 billion in the year 2019. 

    So, when you go online and see ads or item recommendations, be aware that Artificial Intelligence is impacting your everyday life.

    1. Social Media Feeds

    If you are using social media platforms in like Twitter, Instagram, helo app, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., most of your choices and decisions are being made just because of AI impact. 

    From social media feeds that you are watching in the timeline to the alerts/notifications you’re getting from these applications is curated by artificial intelligence. 

    Ai-software will analyze your previous interactions, web searches and behavior you have done while you are on the application and recommend you the data or posts that suit your interests’ best.

    1. Smart Home Devices

    A smart home device is also best examples of artificial intelligence in daily life. The customers with smart home devices will use AI-based tools to track their behavior so that they can adjust settings to make the experience as friction-free as possible.

    Well, I agree that the good AI-powered smart home that responds to our choices in real life is yet a decade or more away, we are still looking at the steps that will take us there.

    There will be smart thermostats that control the temperature depends on your choices, smart lights that will change the intensity and color of the lights depends on time and weather. It will not be far when your interactions, mainly with all your smart home devices, are only through Artificial Intelligence.

    1. Smart Email Apps

    If you find that your email inbox is stored with many unwanted mails, you are still got stuck with the email application, which is very old. Yes, what I your read is right!

    In this digitalized world, many modern email applications are using AI-software to categorize various emails and avoid spam messages, which make it quick to find important messages. The best example of AI in everyday life is ‘Spark’.

    Moreover, it will provide smart replies depend on the text that you received from the sender.  This technology will helps you reduced time and effort. The best example of this technology is Google’s ‘Smart Reply’.

    1. Security and Surveillance

    While we discuss about the benefits of using a broader security and surveillance system, everyone knew that Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in it.  

    People will not monitor multiple monitors at the same time with feeds from thousands of cameras, so it will make a perfect sense to use AI-based software.

    With software technologies like facial recognition and object recognition getting better day by day, all security and surveillance camera feeds lasts long than when the Artificial Intelligence ​​was monitoring and human.

    1. Healthcare Industry

    The use of artificial intelligence has given a new dimension to health care. By using AI-powered machines, diagnosis and disease detection have become easier.

    In addition, it plays an important role in creating the treatment and health management processes more streamlined.

    Therefore, emergency clinics and medicinal services are quick grasping AI-empowered technologies to help everything from researching to giving treatment to disease.

    1. E-Commerce

    Everyone will agree with the fact that AI algorithms have given inspiration to e-commerce stores to deliver more personalized experience to their customers. As per the reports, usage of AI has vastly increased sales in these days and has been building customer relationships.

    Hence, most of the organizations are leveraging AI technology (Chatbots) to gather critical data and evaluate purchases in order to make a consumer-centric experience.

    If you want to see this strategy clearly, just spend a few minutes in popular ecommerce online store like eBay, Flip kart, and Amazon, eBay, etc.

    Soon, you will discover how fast the landscape around you is changing for the better.


    As you can see, Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity at a faster pace, influencing the way we live, and improve & interact with customer experience. Artificial intelligence is influencing our choices and lives in one or another way.

    There is much more to come in the coming up years with more development, improvements, and governance.

    I hope this article will be beneficial for you to learn and get an idea of how AI is useful in our daily lives. A more number of companies are already started investing in AI to uplift their business.

    So, now it is your turn. The USM has vast experience and best practices in using AI and its technologies, deliver high-level AI solutions and apps.

    Machine Learning today to know your business needs so that we get back to you to provide a solution

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