Top 5 AI Apps for Speech Recognition

When Artificial Intelligence technology emerged, it has touched almost every aspect of life and the environment. Speech/ Voice recognition is one such trending technology, authorized by the term Artificial intelligence to provide comfort and convenience to its users.
Voice recognition, also called as “speaker recognition”, is gaining popularity around the world, but the rise of AI and Intelligent Assistants has made it even more attractive. This latest technology has the capability to convert speech into text. In addition, it has the ability to identify a person based on his/her voice command.
Whether it’s on a standalone home device or Smartphone, the benefit of a voice assistant is a big part of its appeal. Therefore, this AI-powered voice technology has attained great importance among world’s popular tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.
Voice recognition is widely used in smart homes, smart speakers, digital assistants, and automation for a wide range of products, solutions, and services.
As per the 2019’s research report of a tech-giant company named ‘Capgemini’, 74% of digital customers rely on their voice-based assistant to research products and services and purchase them, make a shopping list and to track the order status.
According to the Research and Markets study, the voice recognition apps market across the world would reach $18 billion by the year 2023, rising at a CAGR of 23.89%.
USA Voice and speech recognition market 2014 to 2025
Now, let’s have a look at the
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Top 10 AI Apps for Speech Recognition

#1 Google Assistant:
Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled and voice powered virtual assistant software. It is known as one of the trending and advanced virtual assistants.
Google has partnered with a number of firms to make Google Assistant available on large number of smart devices such as head phones, smart phones, cars, fridges, etc.
Here, you can learn about what is Google Assistant and how does it work?
Google Assistant supports both text and voice entry and uses latest AI technology like NLP (natural language processing). It provides a variety of services, including voice search, voice commands, assist tasks, translate in real time, send reminders, find information online, make appointment, and many more.
Google has also expanded the reach of Google Assistant significantly, and it currently functions with 10,000 devices across over1000 brands. This consists of iPhones, and indications are that Google will associate with many more brands.
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#2 Alexa:
Alexa is also known as Amazon Alexa, is an AI-based virtual assistant from the multi national company, Amazon. Initially, it was tried with Amazon Echo dot smart speakers and Amazon Echo. Anyway, currently, it is not available on iOS and Android platforms.
Amazon Alexa uses NLP, voice queries, etc. to provide services like music playback and voice interaction. In addition, it will set up alarms, creates to-do lists, plays audiobooks, and streams podcasts. Moreover, Alexa can also give live information about traffic, the latest news and sports, and the weather which are very useful.
You can experience this virtual assistant on Mac and Windows, and it requires some easy steps to setup. Some PCs accept Alexa’s hands-free activation, while others need you to click the Alexa icon.
#3 Siri:
Siri is well-known virtual assistant recognize speech software from the Apple Company. I think we no need to introduce about Siri, as everyone around the world knows it. This AI-powered technology is available on various Apple platforms like iOS, macOS, iPad OS, tvOS, and watchOS.
Siri uses Voice Questions and the Natural Language User Interface (UI) to work and send text messages, make calls, answer queries and make recommendations. It assigns requests to many Internet services. Besides, Siri adapts to users’ searches, language, and preferences.
#4 Microsoft
Another strong AI application that does not require an introduction is Cortana, a virtual assistant from the tech giant, Microsoft. Cortana provides problem solving, hands-free assistance, answers queries, perform specific tasks, takes notes, gives reminders, and assists in calendar management. Over time, Microsoft’s Cortana “learns” and performs complex tasks.
Cortana uses information from Bing search engines, NLP, and other devices to provide personalized recommendations, and it consists of an speech API that greatly works with Windows and 3rd party applications.
This voice recognition software is available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Band, Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality (MR), Invoke Smart Speaker, and Xbox One.
You can also see Cortana on famous headsets such as the CloudX, HyperX, Logitech G933, Sennheiser GSP350, and Razor Kraken 7.1 V2.
#5 Hound 
The Hound app, Silicon Valley Company named ‘SoundHound’ has launched this Hound application. This virtual assistant app answers queries of users and completes several tasks such calculations and recognizing words correctly in the process with 95% accuracy.
Hound app can send a text message and make calls for you. You can also have information about weather conditions, breaking news, hotels and restaurants nears by, call Ola or Uber, check the status of the flight, etc. This digital assists app is available on both iOS and Android.
The voice recognition technology app uses its Deep Meaning Understanding and Speech-to-Meaning technologies. Hound has an excellent range of customers, e.g., Honda, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, and Motorola.
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Final Words
As per the research reports of Trendforce, voice recognition solutions market across the globe is forecasted to reach USD 15.98 billion by the year 2021. Virtual/ speech recognition is becoming an integral part of AI systems and that it gives more communication to users.
Thanks to natural language processing, it is constantly learning from us and making necessary changes in the way we live, and we perform. Businesses across the globe are expected to invest more in this speech recognition technology as whole voice infrastructure improves in the near future.
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